Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new

Lots of changes going on right now.

Our new van! Perry and Christi came this past weekend to deliver our beautiful new vehicle--a Toyota Sienna--and take our old one back to the dealership in NM. (Their visit is for another post.) I have to say that I am in love with our new ride. It's not the hottest thing ever, but it's awesome. We don't have to bend over to put both carseats in the car, it has a brand new DVD player (especially for Eva, and she LOVES it), and it's just a great family car. With two kids and a mini-van, we have officially arrived in family land. It's good to be here.

My haircut! After weeks of desperately wanting to cut it and completely giving up on styling it, I chopped it off. Short. And I LOVE it. Who knew that my favorite haircut would happen in Altus, Oklahoma? I feel so much happier when I look cute. I am NEVER growing my hair out again. Please, people, if any time in the next 5 years you read on this blog that I am growing it out, stop me. For real. I am a short-haired girl, and that's all there is to it. Don't I look hot? I know.

Sleeping habits. Both of our children are normally amazingly good sleepers, but we have had a couple rough nights this past week. Can I say again how much I want to get into our house??? It will solve so many problems...

Eating habits. After one day of South Beach diet, I decided I couldn't do it while nursing. But I am trying to lose weight so that when I get to Utah in a couple weeks I can hit up Park City outlets and get a new fall wardrobe. New clothes are always a great motivation to lose weight--especially after the yucky maternity phase. I LOVE not being pregnant!! So wish me luck on healthy eating. Oh, how I love food...this is not going to be easy.

Clothes. I am so over maternity clothes. Like, it hurts my self-esteem every day when I have to wear them. Why do I have to wear them? Because all of my real person clothes are sitting in boxes in Washington. So today I went shopping (oh, and yesterday too) and bought a dang cute new pair of shorts and three new shirts. I feel MUCH better now. Like my grandma used to say and my mom still does, sometimes all you need to make you feel better is a new outfit. And I say, why stop at one outfit when you can get three?


Lindsay & Kenny Weston said...

OH MY GOSH! Steph I love your hair! You do look totally hot. And I'm so jealous of your van! How awesome is that! My sister-in-law got a new dodge durango the other day and me and Ty went for a ride in it yesterday and he is definitely a fan of the DVD players, so I'm sure Eva will love it too! Sounds like you guys are doing great! I wish we could come see your house there, but don't worry--we're definitely going to see your most important "first home" in Washington. Did I mention I love your hair?

Melissa Andreasen said...

I LOVE your new hair cut! Now you are drivin' in style!