Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Our last day before our new baby joins our family. I keep thinking of "lasts." Our last breakfast. Last lunch. Last blog (maybe). Last time making cookies. Last time to go to the pool. My last meal tonight. It's so weird. I am really excited.

I finished washing and folding all his little clothes and picked out what to take to the hospital. Andrew's mom Cindi flew in last night to OKC and brought some cute outfits for both kids. (What a weird sentence! Both kids?? Do I really almost have 2??) My favorite is a black onesie with--what else?--Harley Davidson on it. It also came with a beanie and these tiny little booties. I love it. Can't wait to take a father-son picture. But that's what we'll bring him home from the hospital in. No better way to join the Webb family than receiving your first Harley outfit. Come to think of it, I still don't have one...hmmm. At least I have my own motorcycle helmet. Anyway.

We've just been sitting around today--not much to do--and getting things finalized and ready for the little one. I sterilized the bottles and set up the bottle drying rack. D.Todd, Leighton's giraffe, is clean and ready for the first picture. I am excited to see if Leighton loves D.Todd as much as Eva loves Henry. We'll see. I picked up my prescription of pain medicine, aka narcotics, according to the pharmacist, so I'm ready to brave surgery. We've got a borrowed video camera ready to go. We still need to take our last family picture and do a few other things--like grocery shopping--but other than that we are ready. Is this REALLY happening tomorrow? Holy cow.


Lisa said...

I'm excited for you! Two kids is a BIG change, but it's good. And baby boys are just so much fun. I can't wait to see pictures of him.

AnnEE said...

You're going to do awesome!!! I can't wait to see pictures- i promise the c-section isn't too bad. just don't cough.

Samye said...

Good luck!! Keep us updated when you get the chance!! You will love being in the hospital this time... it is like a vacation getaway...they bring you food, you really don't have to change any diapers (that is what the nurses are for right) and you can nap all the time!!

Lindsay & Kenny Weston said...

good luck steph! i'll call you in the morning--you'll do great. I love you!
By the way, I love the name, D. Todd haha you guys crack me up

Annie said...

We are so excited! We can't wait to meet little Leighton! You will be an awesome mom of 2. Good luck and we'll remember you and Leighton in our prayers tomorrow...which we do every day anyways! :)