Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday

Somehow in writing the details of yesterday, I forgot to mention that it was a very important day. A day of "birthdays" for a few members of our family.

First, Leighton turned 2 weeks old. Big turning point, in my mind. His doctor's appt. went pretty well. He didn't like getting nakey at all and cried for that, but he did really well. How did I end up with such a calm child? I have no idea--he didn't get any of his personality from me, obviously. He weighs 7 lbs. 9 oz., up 5 oz. from his birth weight of 7 lbs. 4 oz. He was 21" long--he's grown a whole half-inch since birth. Like a weed, right? :) Everything looks healthy, happy, and terrific, as my Dad used to say, and I was pleased to learn that the acne all over his face that currently mars his appearance and makes me not want to take close-up pictures of him will in fact go away before too long. Thank heavens for that! It's not freakishly early puberty after all. Has it really already been 2 weeks since my baby boy was born? I can hardly believe it.
Second, Eva turned 16 months. My small window of time when I could say I had 2 kids under 16 months is closed now. And I never even got to say it. Oh well. I took her to the library, just the two of us, for a little outing yesterday afternoon. She was so good and reminded me again why I love her so much--more than I can even believe. Her new obsession is playing wiht buckles. On her stroller, her highchair, and Leighton's bouncer chair--she spends a significant amount of each day snapping buckles. She can't get them undone yet, but she can do them up pretty fast. She is just fascinated with things that go together like that--also like lids and containers of any kind. She is so curious about how things work--just like her Dad. My favorite thing of the day so far was when I walked in the room this morning after showering, and she looked at me with a big smile (after watching Signing Time twice in a row) and said, "Hi!" I love the way she says hi--I just want to eat her up every time she says it. So happy 16 month birthday to the cutest girl I know.
I guess, now that I think of it, it was my birthday too. My half-birthday. I am 24 1/2. Not quite as big of a deal, but it makes yesterday seem even more important. I celebrated by eating about half a gallon of Bluebell ice cream while watching SYTYCD. Speaking of that, guess where their tour starts this fall? That's right, folks--in my future home town of Tacoma, Washington. Guess who's going to be there, come heck or high water...or a frugal husband? ME.
So one day late, happy birthday to 3 of the 4 Webbs.


Watts Family said...

Wow they all fell on the same day! How amazing is that? Eva is so smart.

Lisa said...

I love finding reasons to celebrate! Those are some good ones. Glad that Leighton is growing so well!

The Millers said...

Hi Steph - Congrats on your new little baby! You have such cute kids. It's so surreal for me to see you have children, I remember the day you were born like it wasn't that long ago.

I'm so happy that things are going so well for you guys! I look forward to seeing your new home. Hang in there. :)