Saturday, July 19, 2008


I majored in English. That means I took alot of classes on writing. In these classes, I learned to write to a specific audience. Before you write something, think about who you are writing it for. In the blogging world, this has been interesting. There are generally a few people I have in mind when I blog--people who I know will read it. I have been surprised a few times along the way in finding out that people I didn't expect are reading about my life. One of the great things about writing your "journal" on the internet for all to see. And generally, it's flattering to find out that someone cares enough about you to read what you have written. Even if it's mostly about boring things.

But yesterday, I received quite a shock when I found out about one "audience member" I never expected in a million years: Andrew's grandfather, Papa. I must say that I cringed at the thought of someone so good and distinguished as Papa reading the words "porn star boobs." (And if he reads this again, he'll get a double dose of those words!) It made me laugh, and made me feel really good. He was so kind and commented on our family website that he enjoyed reading what I had written.

That just goes to show that no matter who you plan on having as an audience, you never know who is sitting there quietly in the back of the auditorium, taking it all in. To all of you silent readers, welcome. I'll try to keep you in mind from now on. Including you, Papa.
{Future blogger in the making...maybe}


AnnEE said...

Do you ever think of me when you write, dear Steph?

By the way, I love everything about you. That Leighton...whew! You've really outdone yourself. He's darling!!

Lacking Productivity said...

Ya...when I met you in high school, little did I know I would stumble across your blog (um...did blogs even exist when we were in high school?) and ADORE reading it and find out that you are actually quite a bit different than I had imagined you being when we were I NEVER would have imagined that "boobs" or "porn star" were phrases in your vocabulary...I'm so glad that they are! :D