Monday, July 21, 2008

Leighton's first bath & Eva's first escape

Saturday night, we decided it was way past time Leighton had his first bath. I know--10 days old and he hadn't had a bath yet. Can we say bad mother of the year? But hey, we live in Altus, and we just wanted to keep with local tradition. Plus, as I have mentioned before, I have an irrational fear of bathing newborns. (Remember how I actually got in the tub with Eva for the first 10 months of her life? Like I said, irrational...) Since my mom was here, I decided to use her expert newborn skills and have her do the honors. After having 8 kids, she really has this bathing thing down pat. So I gathered all the stuff, filled up the little tub in the kitchen sink, and watched her work her magic.
Leighton absolutely loved the water--he was so calm and content in there. He didn't cry once. Very different from Eva. Of course, I was the one bathing Eva, which means she knocked her head on the side of the tub several times...of course she cried. Her clumsy mother didn't know how to control her newborn limbs. Poor thing. But Leighton--happy as a lark. Thanks, Mom, for getting him all clean. Could you maybe consider making the 9 hour drive again next week to bathe him again? I promise I don't mind waiting until you come.

Thursday night we had a big event also: Eva's first escape. We had put Eva down to bed and were watching SYTYCD. Eva was fussing more than normal in her crib. I kept asking Andrew if he had closed the door, because it sounded louder than normal. My mom asked, "She couldn't have climbed out and be crying at the door, could she?" I hastily and confidently replied, "No way. She doesn't know how to get out." Apparently I was a little too confident. A few minutes later, Andrew decided to go check on her. 3 seconds later, Eva runs into the living room laughing, with a triumphant smile on her face. The little punk had indeed climbed out of the crib, onto our bed, and down onto the floor and had been wailing at the door. She was obviously very proud of herself, and we couldn't help but laugh. And I was secretly proud of her too. As long as she doesn't learn how to climb back in...that could be disastrous if she climbed in the wrong crib and landed right on top of Leighton. Oh, Eva. Even though you drive me crazy sometimes, I love you to bits.

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Elise said...

Violet's umbilical cord didn't fall off for THREE that's how long we went with just doing the washcloth routine. Ten days is nothing!