Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eva's latest funnies

I had planned on blogging last night...and then our internet went down. For me, no internet is as bad as, food. Or oxygen. No, not quite that bad. But pretty bad. I thought it was a pretty important day because it was exactly one week until Leighton will be born. Today is 6 days left, and that's just not quite as cool. Anyway--so here I am, with internet and a day late.

I just have to post this picture of Eva. It's her "thing" right now while we live in this TLF. Her crib is right by the window, and every night before she goes to sleep, she plays with the curtains and looks out the window. On Tuesday night she was awake for quite a while and we could hear her playing and laghing to herself. Andrew snuck outside with the camera to catch a picture, and she saw him. She thought it was pretty funny.

To help ease the transition for her of having a sibling in the house, we have been preparing a little goodie bag for her as a gift when we get home from the hospital. We found this adorable brown and pink mini-backpack at Walmart, and we've got a t-shirt that says "World's Cutest Big Sister," a new Signing Time video, and a couple other things. I thought it would be fun for her if we put some candy in there, and she loves Starbursts. Well, she's only had them once and now whenever she sees them she freaks out and wants us to buy them. So on Tuesday I bought a bag at the grocery store and hid them in the top of the closet. Of course, I opened them and started eating them myself when she wasn't watching. So yesterday, Andrew had his checkride and was gone for several hours. I had a bad body day yesterday in that I was so sore I could barely walk. (Is that normal? My crotch and the top of my thighs feel like I am bruised really bad...weird.) So I wasn't quite feeling up to chasing Eva around. Out came the Starbursts. I would bite them into 4 pieces and she would eat them. Then she decided she wanted to open one herself. I just handed her the bag (pick your battles, right?) and she took a handful of about 3 and toddled off to the bedroom. Several minutes later I thought I should check on her to make sure she hadn't choked to death on a Starburst. I went in and found her sitting in the corner behind the nightstand like this.
It seems to be her favorite little hiding place. It's usually where the humidifier goes, but we had to put that up high after she somehow took it apart and got soaking wet. Anyway, she had little papers all over her face and some half-chewed-still-in-wrappers Starbursts. I laughed my head off, and then left her alone again. She was happy as a lark just sitting there by herself. She's the best.
We're headed to Wichita Falls again today. We'll be there until Sunday--we didn't want to spend 4th of July here with lame fireworks. So I'm looking forward to a fun last trip with only one child. By the time we get home, we'll only have a couple days until Leighton comes. Holy COW, this is coming up fast!


AnnEE said...

I can't believe how close it's coming!! Yay for you! Even more props that you can handle a sticky child. I hate sticky.

Melissa Andreasen said...

That is right, mom's have to pick their battles. I am so excited for Eva to be a big sister. Good luck with everything and Happy 4th of July!