Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gratitude Attitude

I love making lists. This becomes quite obvious when looking back at my previous posts. My brain seems to think best in list form. I love making lists of all kinds--things to do, grocery shopping, trips I want to take, blogs to write, websites I love, dinner plans, good songs...you name it, I probably have made a list for it. Right now in my head is a long list of complaints, beginning with my newly-washed jeans (I hate jeans fresh out of the dryer--they just don't fit right) and ending with my feelings about the all-consuming task of feeding my son. But rather than complain again--I feel like I've done WAY too much of that lately--I will try to have what my Mom used to call a "gratitude attitude." So here they are--in list format, of course (maybe I'll break out of that as soon as my brain functions normally again)--a few things I am grateful for.

  • The way Leighton curls up on me and falls asleep. There is nothing in the world quite like having a curled up, cuddly, soft, warm, newborn baby fast asleep on your stomach.
  • Pinkalicious. First, what a cool word; second, what a cute book. I mostly just love the awesome pictures. This book was a gift from Andrew's sister Chelsey, who always gives the cutest gifts, right before the baby was born. At first I worried that either she wouldn't be interested in it since it has so many words or that she would tear the beautiful pages. But she fell in love with that book the first time Mammy read it to her. Whenever she sees the pink cupcakes on the inside of the cover, she asks, "Whasat?", and then just stares at the pictures and listens closely while I read. The other day she seemed a little restless and annoyed, so I thought I would read her a book. I said, "Where is Pinkalicious? Go get your Pinkalicious." She promptly ran over to the shelf and picked out the correct book--which I thought was pretty stinking smart. This morning I read it to her again, and then she sat on the couch by herself "reading" and turning the pages. Unfortunately she did rip one, but it was the very last one with the copyright stuff on it--so none of the pictures are ruined. I love that she loves that book.
  • A re-stocked kitchen. We have been seriously low on food the last several days, and I hate that feeling. After making a grocery list (I know, another list...I never stop!) Andrew went to the commisary and replenished us. I put a few frivolous things on the list, like Moo-lenium Crunch Bluebell ice cream (my FAVORITE flavor) and a box of brownie mix, but he was so kind and got everything I wanted. Tonight--teriyaki chicken on rice, broccoli, and ice cream for dessert. Yum! A bad day is always brightened by the prospect of a great dinner, don't you think?

  • Food Network and TLC. I have watched MANY hours of those channels while feeding Leighton, and I'm glad that if I have to be sitting there for countless hours a day, I can be entertained. Tonight's feeding time will be accompanied by America's Got Talent and the new TLC show Must Love Kids. Can I say that television is WAY better at night than during the day?
  • Eva. Whether she is posing naked on her beloved chair or feeding her baby doll, she just makes me happy.

All complaints aside, I love my life.


Marissa said...

Steph! I love your blog. Your little family is adorable. Seriously, you make beautiful babies. I hope everything is going well for you.

julie & daniel said...

I always look forward to reading your updates! Leighton is adorable, and of course Eva is, too. What a good mommy you are!