Saturday, May 2, 2009

Attack of the killer duck

Kim is married! The wedding was great. Despite a few intensely stressful moments, we pulled it off with no serious hiccups. Kim was happier than I've ever seen her.

After it was all over yesterday afternoon, we had one incident that made me so angry, my blood boiled. Eva was out playing with the ducks with Andrew and her little cousin Tyler. They were feeding them grass (is anyone else surprised that ducks are grass-eaters? I never knew...), and the duck went INSANE. He reached out his puny little neck through the fence and grabbed onto Eva's lip. He was latched on, pinching hard, and Andrew finally thumped him hard on the head and he let go.

Andrew brought Eva in the house, screaming and bleeding from her little mouth. Unfortunately, this only fueled my non-love of animals. I went into a rage and had every intention of going to kick the duck to death or snap its neck. (I did neither, so PETA, relax. Although I'm thinking of starting PETCD - People for the Ethical Treatment of Children by Ducks.)

She stopped bleeding, my anger subsided, and all was well. Although a few hours later, Eva was still talking about the "mean duck" who gave her an owie and we should kick it. (She kicked Grandpa as a demonstration of what she wanted to do to the duck. Where did she get that idea?)

This morning, she was talking about how the duck gave her kisses and she wanted to go feed it grass again. So forgiving - maybe I should learn from her. Because next time a duck attacks my daughter, it is ON.


Elisa said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe it attacked her! Now I am scared of ducks.

sam and brittney said...

That is soo sad! Your poor little girl! I am so happy for Kim. You will have to post some pics.

Lisa said...

Birds can be incredibley ill-tempered. One time my mom and I were putting up Christmas lights for my grandma, and a swan in this pond by her house attacked us! We kept as far away from it as possible, but it kept coming after us. Then a crabby old lady next door came out and yelled at us for being mean to the swan???

Crazy birds.

Lacking Productivity said...

You let your children get near the ducks, which is more than I can say I will do with my children, who will probably only know any type of foul, I mean fowl, from the pictures.

bones chick said...

Sorry but I had to laugh at the thought of Andrew thumping it on the head. Glad to hear Eva's over it already.