Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day 5: The Kitchen

No pictures today. I have to say I am pooped from a full week of hard work. Unfortunately, the kitchen still isn't completely finished. I still have to organize the junk drawer and mop the floor. But that shouldn't be too bad - I can finish tomorrow.

I threw out a bunch of stuff. An extra blender. Plastic baby spoons that have been caught in the disposal one too many times. Tea cups, which I have been saving for hot chocolate in the winter. But then when winter comes, I forget all about them, and they never get used. If only I was a coffee drinker, I would have ample use for all my mugs and teacups. But they will be going to a better home.

Actually, I didn't get rid of the things yet. I put them in my powder bath. Only because my dining room is too full for anything else, as it has about 100 cardboard boxes in there from my purging. And the recycling doesn't come till a week from today, and my bin is already brimming over. Where to put all this trash? I don't know. I'm seriously running out of dumping spaces.

After souring the sink until it sparkled this morning, it was time to make lunch. I tried to keep the mess to a minimum, but with two babies, a mess simply can't be helped. As I reluctantly poured the remains of our lunchtime soup down the drain, I felt surprisingly similar to another time in my life: right after I was baptized, at age 8. After I had been washed clean, I felt perfect. But, inevitably, I knew I wasn't going to stay perfect. The first time I yelled at my sister, just a few minutes after stepping out of the font, I felt like, "Dang it. I was only perfect for a few minutes." Same thing today. My sink was clean, but no sooner had I put down the scrub brush (actually, a toothbrush) than I was messing it up again. It was perfect only for a few minutes, until food tarnished its perfect surface yet again. Sigh. At least I know it will be clean again. Next May.

Thank heaven for the weekend.

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