Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Day 2: The Living Room (Part 2)

All the stuff I found when I moved the couch...

I vacuumed the ceiling, dusted every surface in sight, cleaned inside the coffee and end tables, cleaned the ceiling fan, and even vacuumed the piano keys.
Unfortunately, the sliding glass door only stayed sparkling clean for a few minutes. Then Eva put her little paws on there while watching the fence men in the backyard and left another handprint. It never ends...

I never got around to taking an "after" picture, as I was unavoidably detained by some obnoxious, weaseling (did I spell that right?) Kirby vacuum salesmen, a.k.a. Satan's sidekicks. (Learn from my mistake: DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR.) At least I got my living room carpets shampooed for free...how convenient. Three hours later, they were gone...but by that point, it was dinner, YW visits, and bedtime. Now the lighting is too dark for a decent picture. But tomorrow I'll post one. I LOVE being in my living room - I don't even think it was this clean when we moved in. Every corner, every square inch of that room, is perfectly clean. (Well, except that handprint on the window, of course.) I can't wait until every room in my house looks and feels this amazing. I just might be addicted to this spring cleaning business.
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bones chick said...

When you're done you can do my house if you are still addicted. I will (maybe) doing a summer clean, but I am sure I will find an excuse not to.