Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning, Day 2: The Living Room (Part 1)

All stripped down bare (except for that one bookcase - we just rearranged those books there 2 weeks ago) and ready to be DEEP cleaned.

I spent over an hour going through our massive music collection and trying to pare it down a little. I am pretty sentimentally attached to all my classical books from my piano years, but I managed to get rid of a few. And, of course, organize it all alphabetically.
The dining room was where I piled all the stuff from the living room. It looked pretty awesome in there. Those are curtains hanging over the chairs. I didn't wash those ones because they are pretty new, but I did wash the blue ones - delicate cycle in the washer using vinegar instead of soap, and hung them on the banister to dry. Worked like a charm. But now I like my living room so much without curtains, I just might not put them back up.
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