Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day 1: Clean Sweep (Part 2)

My bathroom sink, before and after.

The loft, before and after. It's right outside the laundry room, and I generally fold laundry while watching TV in there, so there is usually a basket of folded clothes in there. Also, toys are always tossed on top of the toy shelf. I left some up there (a basket of books and the lego box) but organized them a little better.

Feels good to have that done. Now I'm ready to tackle deep cleaning the living room tomorrow! I did end up purchasing the eBook, Spring Cleaning for Normal People. Originally I thought it would be a waste of money and I could just get the info from her blog, but it was $7 WELL SPENT. I am so glad I bought it, and I recommend it if you are participating in this Spring Cleaning Party. One day down, 9 to go!
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Watts Family said...

I was about to email you and see if you got her book and if it was worth it. I guess I will get it and play the cleaning game with you.