Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Guess what we ate for lunch today?

Refried beans. Leighton's first time. Apparently, he likes them as much as his mama does. Although, I have learned that smearing them all over your face and clothing, and even giving yourself an extra eyebrow, is not socially acceptable. He, on the other hand, obviously has not. Who is this child's mother, anyway?

Dude, why are you crying? I'm the one who has to clean you up.
I won't even tell you how many paper towels that took. Normally I am quite conscious about the way I use (or waste) paper towels. But today, I was more concerned about my amount of laundry than saving the planet. Or saving money. Sometimes, it's just really worth it to be non-green.
I also won't tell you the havoc this spring cleaning is wreaking on my showering and personal attractiveness schedule. Although my house is clean, my hair is not. But hey - there's only 7 days left. All is well.

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Melanie said...

HE IS SO ADOABLE!!! Look at all of his blonde hair!!! I miss you guys SO much. We need to get together asap!