Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day 4: The Pantry

Sorry in advance about the horrible spacing on this post. I can't fix it no matter what I do. GRR.

I started working on the panrty at 8:35 this morning. Here is what it looked like this morning. I'm actually really embarassed of these pics - it's pathetically messy. Especially for having just been organized a few months ago.

Who just tosses cereal on top of an already messy pile of food? Apparently I do. Sorry to reveal so much about myself. :)

More formula cans than you can shake a stick at. Still unsure what to do with those...

9:09am - the pantry was totally emptied, swept, and mopped.

9:12am - I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I had no idea how to even start going through ALL that food. Decided to take a break for my mental health and take a shower and take care of my neglected children.

10:15am - started working again. Found several expired things (Crisco that expired in Sept. 2007 and I used it last month), threw away those and some other things.

3:35pm - The dining room table is empty. The pantry is all put back together. But somehow, in the process, my kitchen ended up looking like a tornado struck. (Has struck? Has stricken? My brain is out of batteries.) And now I'm slightly discouraged. I decided to walk away for a few minutes - after over 5 straight hours of organizing and rearranging, I am completely mentally exhausted.

Case in point: I am totally stressing out about what to do with this stupid impluse buy of a seasoning packet for buffalo wings. Like we ever even eat those. Should I throw it away? Should I save it? If I save it, where should I put it? It doesn't fit in any of my pantry categories...I need to go lie down. Or is it lay down? Oh my.
P.S. Please note that I started this post at 3:45pm. Blogger is throwing a fit and won't cooperate with all my pictures. It is now 45 minutes later, and I'm more annoyed than ever. My kitchen is still a mess. (I have a picture of it, but I'm too frustrated with Blogger to mess with it any longer.) Leighton is crying to get out of his crib. Oh my, squared.


Mike and Mylinda Stone said...

your pantry looks like a dream! If you are feeling frustrated just stare at it for a minute and you should have an aura of peace come over you. make the buffalo wings tonight and then you won't have to worry about the packet any more. If you are ever in the area, I'll take your kids and you can try to make my house look good too.

Charity said...

Oh you are so funny! You sound like me- stressing over 1 little packet :) Your place looks great! And if it makes you feel any better you inspired me to spring clean some myself- just going through some baskets and cupboards took me forever trying to figure out what to do with stuff. Luv ya