Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning Day 1: Clean Sweep (Part 1)

Forgot to take before shots of the scrapbook room, but I probably spent the longest on that room. The desk is HUGE, so it's generally where we stack things we don't want to deal with. I threw away LOTS in that room.

Living room, before and after. The coffee table is another "hot spot" where we stack things. Obviously. I didn't do any dusting or deep cleaning like I normally do on Mondays; I just cleared the surfaces. Got a little sidetracked and decluttered and organized the inside of the table...oops.
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Lisa said...

Nice job! I seriously need to do that. I wish my house looked as good as your 'before' pictures.

Brittani said...

Looks awesome, are tou ready to come do my house???

Annie said...

Nice! You have changed around your house quite a bit since our visit at Christmastime - it looks super!