Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back in Zion again

We made it to Utah.

Despite my intense wrath at the terrorists who caused the ridiculous security measures - two kids, two strollers, and two carry-ons was no easy task - and Leighton's less-than-stellar behavior for the duration of the flight (except, of course, the last 5 minutes), we survived the plane trip.

Let the wedding festivities begin!


Angie said...

OK random, whos wedding? Your sisters or something? I leave on Friday to spend next week in Utah for my brothers wedding.

Lacking Productivity said...

I can't imagine flying in this mess of swine flu. I'm glad you made it.

Best wishes to your sister. I remember her; she is totally adorable!

Samye said...

I am in Utah till Saturday morning...I am in SLC going to women's conference in Provo....where are you? Care to meet up?

Email me- samye peterson at gmail dot com and we can figure this out!!!

Charity said...

Oh flying with kids....need I say more. I loved the kids jumping in the bed! Give Kim a big congrats and hug from me, wish we could be there.