Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy day

I was overwhelmed with gratitude this morning when I found all the comments from my supportive friends. Thank you all for listening to my complaints and not judging me for being so negative. :)Today was much better. I woke up with my usual Monday morning fire to get the house clean, top to bottom. I did it faster than ever before and felt great. The weather was, once again, amazing. I decided to take the kids on a picnic.

We went to get lunch at KFC and then, since we were right by Target, I thought we would just stop there first to grab a few things for Easter. Big mistake. Long story short, we never made it to the park. Eva threw the tantrum of her life. Seriously, she should get an award. Turning 2 finally caught up to us, I guess, because I have honestly never seen her act like that. We went straight home, she screamed all the way, and I immediately put her down for a much-needed nap. She woke up hoarse from the hour she spent making those demonic noises, and in a much better mood.

We spent the afternoon outside in the backyard under the shade of our big beach umbrella eating Wheat Thins and blowing bubbles. We ended the day by going with my friend Monique to a nice park not too far away. Eva loved it - she played with one of her favorite friends Roman and wandered to her hearts content on the play equipment. I lounged on a blanket, fed Leighton some cinnamon apple pear puree, ate more KFC, and basked in the end of today's warmth. (I really shouldn't have gotten a family bucket...I'm going to be eating that for a while. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, and the menu didn't have just chicken except in a family size. Oh well.)
I must mention, speaking of idyllic days, that I thought about my time in Nauvoo quite a bit today, as it is April 6th, the anniversary of the organization of the church. (How's that for a run-on sentence for you? I'm too lazy to fix it.) Oh, how that day changed the world. My world.
Happy day, all is right.


Lindsay & Kenny Weston said...

Your children are so beautiful. It sure looks like a good day. Hang in there, Steph. You really are so strong.

Lacking Productivity said...

Last night you and your kids were in my dreams (so now I sleep in blog form). I was in the grocery store with my mom and you walked by with your kids in your cart, and for some reason, I didn't know you, but my mom and I were both gushing over how cute your kids are.

Freaked out?

Jake Miller said...

I believe cute baby pictures are the #1 purpose of blogs.

Good job. :)

Watts Family said...

Steph your are such an amazing person. Reading your blog always makes me want to be a better person.
Miss you.

Lisa said...

Super cute pics! Glad life is good.