Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Out of the clear blue sky, or somewhere up there.

I have been missing my wedding ring for a couple weeks now. The last day I had it was the day before we left on our trip, so about March 17. I knew that I had last worn it in the house and taken it off in the house, we when we left on vacation without it, I wasn't worried. I knew it was in the house, and I knew I would have time to look more thoroughly when we got home.

After the trip, we unpacked. The next Monday, I cleaned the house. Tuesday, I cleaned the bathroom, where I thought my ring probably was. It wasn't by any of the sinks where I normally set it. It's a pretty thick band, so I didn't think it could have fallen down a drain. The more time passed, the more inwardly worried I got. I tried not to say anything to let on how worried I was getting. I didn't want to admit that it could actually be lost. Yesterday I pulled out the vents in the floors to see if Eva had possibly thrown it down there, but it was nowhere to be found. I was out of places to look and had almost given up on finding it.

And then, a literal miracle happened. Maybe not like sight-to-the-blind caliber of a miracle, but in my book it was just as good. Tonight, just before putting the kids to bed, I was changing into my pajama pants. I keep all my pants folded on a shelf at the top of my closet and just sort of toss whichever one I wore on the top. When I threw my newly washed jeans up there, the pile toppled over and my shorts from yesterday and my old pre-pregnancy jeans, which I NEVER wear, fell into my arms. Rather than folding them up, I just kind of shoved them back up on the shelf.

And then, my ring dropped out of the sky and landed on my closet floor.

There is no other explanation, really. How the ring got in the top of my closet is a complete and utter mystery. If you know me, you know that I own VERY few pairs of pants and rotate them out quite frequently. I don't ever put my ring in my pockets, so I will never know how it got up there, and how it managed to free itself from wherever it was hiding. But I'm certainly glad to have it back on my finger again.


Brittani said...

thank goodnedss...now you can be married again!

Annie said...

Well that's a lifesaver! I have done that with my ring so many times...problem is, I DO leave mine in my pockets of my pants/sweatshirts/coats, and then I can't remember where it's gone or what I was wearing when it disappeared.

The other day I also "lost" $450 in cash that Talon asked me to keep track of.... I think he brought it upon himself though, because: 1) He left it on the floor of our bedroom, among piles of junk, while we were in the middle of our move, 2) none my my maternity pants have functional pockets so I didn't even have a place to put it, 3) I am pregnant and thus my brain doesn't work normal, and 4) it's me, for heaven's sake.

Cindi said...

Boy losing my notebook in Utah sounds pretty good compared to you two. Although it did have a $50 rebate in it for Mikael from Verizon. We are still calling to see if possibly anyone may have turned it in, but we aren't even sure where i left it. I hate that I don't think as I put things down!

Charity said...

Fheww. I was scared there. I would have been in more of a panic though- I'm glad its back!