Friday, August 29, 2008

We're in.

We are now officially "in" our house. We got the keys this afternoon, along with a nice gift basket Quadrant Homes (including a mop bin thing, bath towels, a nice tool box, and our house key in a black velvet box). We immediately painted the kitchen a cheery, bright, avocado green, and I LOVE it. We'll be doing all three bedrooms tomorrow, hopefully. Eva's is purple, Leighton's is red, and ours is a greenish-blue. I just love color, and I'm so excited to finally be able to express myself through decorating my house! Now if I can just have patience until Tuesday when the movers come...
Our good friends the Willises came over for pizza and ice cream sandwiches tonight, and it was so fun to see them here in WA. We sat on blankets in the living room and had a great time catching up. Have I mentioned how much I love it here? Someday soon, I'll give you a tour of my house. Stay tuned.
P.S. Boob update: I haven't pumped in about 36 hours, and I feel decent. However, I have a humungous crack on the right side that feels like death itself. I think my nipple could possibly fall off. Anyone have any advice on how to get rid of big cracks? I have been using Lansinoh cream, to no avail, and today finally got some Neosporin cream. Could it possibly have gotten infected from the cabbage? What a mess I'm in. They say nursing is the easy option. My milking machine, head of lettuce, Neosporin cream, and I beg to differ. Thank heavens for Motrin, though - it seriously saved my life today. I thought I was going to die every time I moved my right arm. Feeling much better now. Long live pain relievers.

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Samye said...

Vitamin E oil works WONDERS! And you can use it on stretch marks too (you can pretty much find it anywhere, I get mine at a natural food store)! Good luck!!