Friday, August 1, 2008

I think my heart just melted.

Eva has been playing with her babydoll while I held Leighton. She was feeding her baby the little bottle I gave her. But here's the part that makes me want to cry, it's so cute. I looked over at her just now and she is intently trying to strap her baby doll into Leighton's carseat. Gosh, I love that girl.


Lisa said...

That is sooo cute. I tried a baby doll with Brian when I was pregnant with Clayton- to help him get used to the idea of a baby around, and make it more fun, I guess? Well, he would feed it for about 10 seconds, then toss it on the floor! Boys are so different from cute little nurturing girls! Oh, and I love your van and haircut by the way!

Lindsay & Kenny Weston said...

that is so cute! i hope that Ty is as kind to our future baby, even considering the occasional slaps Leighton endures. At least she's not standing on his stomach, my friend's little girl did that when her 2nd (a boy) was born. I ordered buzz light year for Ty! We'll have to swap cute halloween pics of them. And yes, as of now we are definitely planning on coming for Thanksgiving.