Tuesday, August 12, 2008

See family. Funny, funny family.

My family is funny.

Andrew took these first two pictures while we were in the process of posing for a normal picture. It was just a few minutes before they left to go back home to Houston after spending the weekend with us in Oklahoma and attending Leighton's blessing. I told Tim and Laura, my tall, ultra-skinny siblings, to stand partly in front of me to make my waist look smaller. So Laura stands directly in front of me and I peeked over her shoulder, and we all started laughing really hard.
Laughing pictures are my favorite, because it's one of the things that happens the most when we get together. Of course, there is always drama and arguing - probably more in my family than most normal families in the world - but there is always, always laughing. And I love that.

From the left: Mom, who secretly loves Tim's racist jokes, is addicted to Sonic's "Diet Coke with a lemon easy on the ice" and laughs so hard that she cries at least once a day; Sarah, who looks strange when she dives off the diving board, loves tween things like Hannah Montana, and can quote movies like nobody's business; Tim, whose nickname is Holly because he looks like he just got out of a concentration camp (long story), has the sweetest heart in the entire world, and occasionally pronounces words wrong in Buzz Word (the official family game) and causes great uproar; me, who makes more sarcastic jokes than is necessary just to get a laugh, has a nickname of BP (stands for bottomless pit) and can out-eat anyone in the family, and invented old family traditions like George Washington hair in the pool; Laura, who has a crush on Michael Phelps but has a smoker boyfriend, eats faster than anyone so she doesn't have to feel full, and loves doing strange photo shoots like America's Next Top Model pictures in the backyard; Dad, who does a flawless Elvis impersonation, used to wake us up in the morning by singing the BYU fight song and banging on our backs like a drum, and loves his grandkids more than life itself.
Other funny siblings missing from these pictures: Kim: newly-returned Romanian RM, girlfriend of BYU football player Landon, basement dweller, and Oreo-eater extraordinaire; Lindsay: mother of Tyler and gestating another (hopefully a girl!), homemade bread-maker, BYU-Idaho almost-graduate, and nauseous but beautiful cowgirl; Camille: BYU hopper, girlfriend of Tyler good-looking Juergens, painter of rooms, and eater of many otter-pops and ketchup with rice; and Jeffrey: confident-not-cocky golfer, breaker of girls' hearts, Facebook king, and our favorite Boy with a capital D for Drama, because he grew up with so many sisters.
Like I said, my family is funny.
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Lindsay & Kenny Weston said...

YES!! I love our family too! This is one of my most favorite posts. You might as well just make it our next family Christmas letter :). Loved the pictures. Your purple blouse and black skirt outfit is to die for! You look like a movie star.

Annie said...

Ok, ok, ok - HOLD THE PHONE. CAMILLE IS DATING TYLER JUERGENS??? I know who that is - and I was his Bio 100 TA the very first semester he came to BYU as an itty bitty freshman! HAHA! Small world. He is the sweetest guy ever!