Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I heard yesterday while watching the Olympics that Michael Phelps swims 5 hours everyday. And do you know how many calories he has to consume daily to refuel his body? 10,000. Yep, 10,000 whopping calories.

I seriously need to get a lifetsyle that burns enough to where I could eat 10,000 calories everyday. Oreos? No problem. An Almond Joy every hour on the hour? Child's play. A full gallon of Blue Bell MooLenium Crunch ice cream after a dinner of Mexican food? Bring it on.

So my bone to pick with nature is this: why doesn't being a mom burn that many calories? It's much harder than swimming (albeit a completely different kind of hard), and you have to do it much longer than 5 hours a day. Granted, I was never an Olympic swimmer. But I've been a high school swimmer, and I've been a mom. And I probably don't need to tell you that although the latter is much more rewarding, it's not even a comparison in the amount of effort it takes.

So to you, Michael Phelps, I say you just go on eating your way to Olympic fame. I'll still be here, eating my way to...the complete opposite of Olympic fame. Possibly fame at the grocery store for how much ice cream I buy. Not to refuel my insanely fit body, but just because I am craving it and lack the willpower to tell myself no. Life just isn't fair.

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AnnEE said...

You are so stinking funny, Steph. I'll be there, right along side you, eating my way to glory.