Friday, August 15, 2008

Good bye Altus

Our last day in Altus. This has probably been my hardest day of parenting in my life. Andrew has his final checkride all day and I was left with the task of packing up all our belongings, as well as taking care of both children. It seems one of them CONSTANTLY is crying, and needs to be fed, changed, or held. And I have a horrible terrible clogged milk duct that causes me excruciating pain and forces me to spend more time pumping and trying to unclog it than I care to think about. The other half of the day has been spent washing and folding laundry.

Eva is currently hanging on my arm throwing a fit, and Leighton is fussing from his crib...again. Whoever said newborns sleep alot LIED. They don't know my son. I had to do one last post from Altus before packing up the computer.

So...goodbye, Altus. I have talked trash about you since I got here, and I can't say that I was wrong. You're a fine place - I had a child here - but don't plan on me coming back to visit anytime soon. Or ever, for that matter. I could not be happier to be leaving.

Next stop: Farmington, New Mexico, Webb household


Watts Family said...

Good luck with your move! Your beautiful house will be there waiting for you four!

Lisa said...

Man, I feel your pain. I've moved with a newborn, and it is the PITS. But you'll be that much happier to be in your new, beautiful home.