Saturday, February 28, 2009

In no particular order

1. Right now I have a strange relationship with blogging. It's like I want to do it, but I don't. Weird.

2. Kim got engaged last night, as previously mentioned. When she told me the story on the phone this morning, I started crying with happiness. I can't wait for the big day on May 1st.
3. I practically talked on the phone to my mom and sisters all day today. I felt lonely since Andrew is gone and I HATE lonely Saturdays, so I just kept calling everyone to talk about wedding stuff.

4. I felt horrendously fat today. Like when I looked in the mirror I wanted to throw up in my mouth. Everytime I hear a commercial on the radio for Sono Bello, I am seriously tempted. Blah. I hate that feeling.

5. I took the kids to the mall today. By myself. And I tried on dresses. For fun. But it wasn't really that fun. I could barely fit my bus of a stroller in the dumb stall, and I didn't really love any of the things I tried on. Kind of a waste of time. At least we got out of the house.

6. While in JC Penney, Eva wanted her milk, which I had purchased from McDonald's. Who cares if my fridge is stocked with vegetables...I took my daughter to Obesity Camp today and fed her chicken nuggets and french fries. But at least I got her milk. Anyway, while in the store, she wanted her milk. I gave it to her, with a straw. She was in our lovely Sit'n'Stand stroller, which actually isn't so lovely because she refuses to sit and be buckled. And apparently the stand part isn't a viable option for her because at the same time I started moving the stroller, she tried to stand up. She pitched forward, splattering her entire bottle of milk ALL over the floor, herself, and me, and landed directly on her forehead. I should teach her the phrase "Don't cry over spilled milk." Cry is an inadequate word to describe the noise she made. I just love moments like that - a public injury to your child. There is really nothing more shameful and humiliating. It seems like Eva just can't get enough of making me experience that. I think I need a new stroller.

7. Tonight while I was making babyfood, Eva wanted Henry to watch me. She handed him to me so I could hold him up over the blender, because he wanted to see the steam coming from the hot food. Eva was delighted. I was having issues with my blender, so I kind of growled and said, "Grr!" And Eva said, "Tiger!" Yes, honey, mommy feels like a tiger. Then Henry fell off his spot by the blender, and Eva was instantly worried. "Uh oh! Hennie! Are you okay?" I kissed Henry and hugged him better, but my consolation wasn't enough. Motherly Eva wanted to console poor Henry herself. If only Eva could have Henry's resilience in falling off of things - Henry didn't make a peep.

8. Several days ago, we planted cilantro and rosemary in little organic soil things in our windowsill. Every morning and every night, I water my plants - or rather, my dirt - with a medicine dropper. It makes me feel earthy.

9. Speaking of medicine droppers, Eva opened a childproof bottle of Motrin and spilled it all over her pajamas and the bathroom floor after her bath tonight. Awesome. And I didn't change her pajamas.

10. I cleaned the kitchen tonight. I have cleaned the kitchen EVERY night this week, which truly marks a first for me in my life of consistent cleanliness. I rock.

11. Tomorrow in YW I am teaching a lesson on joy. I'm really excited about it. Although today wasn't an all-around joyous day for me...there's always tomorrow.

12. Goodbye, February. You were pretty good to me. Welcome, March. I can't believe you are already here. With you, you bring the dreaded Moab Canyonlands race, a fun family vacation, and my baby girl's second birthday. Let's hope the only time that flies this month is the time in which I am running (slash walking) 5 miles in the desert. Heaven help me.


Watts Family said...

Steph I am so excited for you to run your race. I know that you will do awesome.
And with all your "making your own baby food" makes me want to do it. Well when we have another kiddo.
Miss seeing your face all the time!

Kara said...

you rock! your amazing and my personal hero. keep it up girl! hey can you do me favor? can you log into julianne dunkley and tell her to invite me to her blog? thanks!