Monday, February 2, 2009

First time in a long time

-Saturday I went for a girls' day out! That hasn't happened in almost a year, and it was fabulous. I went with Marelize and Melanie to eat lunch at a Greek restaurant (yum) and then to see Bride Wars, which I loved. We decided that we are going to say, "I know, I'm so lucky to have this body," next time we see each other. :) We followed it up with a delicious ColdStone. It was a much-needed getaway for a few fun hours.

-I fasted yesterday. Haven't done that since we got married. I was just almost constantly pregnant, so I got out of the habit. But now I'm back on, and I felt such a great spirit with me all day yesterday that I am convinced I need to renew that monthly tradition.

-I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting.

-I went to church greasy. Actually, this has NEVER happened. On Sunday morning I thought, "Wow, my hair is pretty greasy for just having washed it yesterday. Oh well." After waking up this morning and seeing that practically every strand of hair was glistening with grease and begging to be washed, I remembered that I hadn't washed my hair Saturday morning. I did it Friday morning. So I was a grease monkey at church. That will NEVER happen again. Where is my brain?

-I took the kids to the library this morning. We haven't been since early December - maybe even November. I missed it. There is something about being surrounded by books that just makes me deliriously happy. I picked up a few baby food cookbooks (I'll recommend them and link them if they turn out to be good), the Martha Stewart Cooking School book(which I have been wanting to buy and now I'm glad I didn't!), and a kids' activity book called Kids Celebrate that has activities for every holiday of the year. Like today, for Groundhog's Day.

-I mopped my kitchen floor. I know it's gross, but mopping is just not my forte. Vaccuming is, mopping isn't. But I did my Monday chore of the main level floors, and I like the clean smell.

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Perry, Christi and Logan said...

I had to laugh-I went to a girls night out and we too went to coldstone and the movie bridewars. Great minds think alike I guess.