Thursday, February 5, 2009

Me and Washington, together forever.

You know how when you first meet someone you try to make a good impression? You show them your best qualities and try to act better than you really are. (Sometimes.)

Well, I think Washington is doing that to me. I think Washington has a crush on me, because it has been being REALLY nice to me in the past 3 days. I have hardly seen such beautiful weather in my life.

The sky is so clear I can see every mountain possible to see with the naked eye. Not a cloud in sight. And the sun...oh, the beautiful sun. As I sat yesterday letting Eva play in the backyard and feeding Leighton his lunch on the porch, I almost melted with happiness. The sun was so warm on my face, and breathing the fresh, warm air was wonderful.

Washington, I have a crush on you too. Don't worry - I'll be here for a while. Long enough for you to get all comfortable with me and start showing me your bad sides. Like incessant rain. And I'll show you mine - you'll see how fat I'll get next time I get pregnant. But that's okay - all old couples start doing that eventually. I'll still love you.

Steph + Washington = LOVE


Charity said...

What? your outside, enjoying sunshine and warmth? Wow, that would be wonderful. Its FREEZING here in Rochester (10 degrees right now -2 with the windchill!) Snow all over since like november and it will be around till march I'm sure. I'm sooo jealous. I hope you enjoy it extra for me!

Watts Family said...

Oh come on, you know your heart is always going to be in Enid, Oklahoma!