Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blast from the past

Today I sorted ALL my pictures (at least all the ones I can find) by year and they are ready to put into my albums, which are currently on a truck on their way to my house. As I sorted through all those pictures - especially the ones from early high school - I marveled at the fact that I still am the same person as the geeky girl in those pictures. A few times I said, "Dang, Steph, you used to have a hot little body!" And several times I said, "What in the world are you wearing?" (I did, in fact, literally talk to myself almost the entire 2 hours. Don't judge me.) Looking at those pictures, it seemed like it was just recently that I was at EFY with my best friend Brittney.

That session of reminiscing inspired me to find all my old journals. I'm teaching a lesson on Personal Records in a week or so anyway for the YW, so I needed to dig them all up. I just couldn't resist sitting down and reading what my old self had to say. And all I can say in response is, "I'm certainly glad I grew up." Here are a few excerpts.

Tuesday, June 13, 1995 - "Hi! I have never been so crazy about a boy in my whole entire life as Robin." (age 11)

Saturday, October 7, 1995 - "Today I just feel like writing. SO many things have happened since I last wrote. I got a new bike, a new boyfriend, and new friends. My new bike is purple and green (I'm saving the best for last: my boyfriend), and my new friends are...[long list of names]...A cold front is here and it feels SOOOO good! Now, we are not here to talk about the weather, so let's talk about Josh Guidry, my boyfriend. I'm crazy about him!!" (age 11)

Sunday, October 22, 1995 - "Hi! How are you? I'm not so crazy about Josh anymore."

Monday, March 18, 1996 - "Michael was there! He looked so handsome in a green plaid shirt. Since he got his hair cut he has been the cutest, nicest guy on the face of the earth." (age 12)

Sunday, July 14, 1996 - "I have a huge crush on a cute, tall, dark-haired boy named Brandon and a small crush on a average-height, brown-haired, star basketball player named Jamie." (age 12)

...Years of entries focusing solely on the boys I liked...

Sunday, May 3, 1998 - "I'm gonna try and not talk about guys as much. They are not vital to my existence, although they're much appreciated!" (age 14)

Sunday, June 8, 1998 - "Adam was there. He is the finest guy in the whole wide world."

So much for my effort to not talk about guys as much.

I guess you could say I wasn't a very well-rounded young lady. How did I ever get so lucky to marry Andrew after all the clowns I obsessed over since age 6? At least I can get a good laugh at myself.


Leah said...

After reading your last post about making your own baby food, I saw this at Williams-Sonoma.

Emily said...

That is so funny! I love it that you wrote about it! I always had a "diary" to write about boys, which I threw away a while before I got married. My journal doesn't say much about boys, or much at all at some points. I am trying to be a better journal writer; reading about feelings and experiences, especially of a spiritual nature, can help us be more aware of God's blessings.