Thursday, February 5, 2009

Domestic Goddess is at it again

Remember this past summer when I read this cookbook by Nigella Lawson? It changed my life. I can honestly say that, with several months of hindsight. It changed the way I looked at my role as the family cook and at being in the kitchen in general. Since reading that book, I have started noticing more often that wonderful feeling of being domestic. It hits me at odd times - often in the kitchen, sometimes when I vacuum, and even when I'm scrubbing the sink or shower. It is a good feeling - like a sense of pride in taking care of my home and my family. I don't often do very well at those things, but when I get a good "domestic feeling," it makes me very happy.
I got just such a feeling yesterday. While making homemade babyfood.

Let me be honest. Until recently, I thought people who made their own babyfood were insane. I thought it was a little fanatic and very granola, and why in the world would you make it when you can buy it in a jar? Well, I have eaten my words. And they didn't taste good. Because recently I have been completely converted to the "homemade" mentality. Why buy it when you can make it yourself? Hence my plan to make homemade tortillas, and our recent purchase of this awesome indoor gardening tool (thanks to Chris and Stacy for the inspiration many months ago)...and my decision to no longer buy babyfood.

I checked out this and this book from the library (highly recommend both), bought some fresh fruit and vegetables, and got to work. How to describe how I feel? Proud isn't quite right. Satusfied isn't strong enough. When I fed Leighton his fresh banana and blueberry puree this afternoon, I just wanted to sing. I made that food, by myself, by hand! Maybe it's comparable to the feeling women get from being able to breastfeed. I was only able to experience that a few times, but I'd say that's the best way I can describe it. Like I am providing so completely for my just made me happy.

Gosh, what's next for me, the Domestic Goddess, out to conquer the world? I don't think I'd go so far as to make my own baby wipes. But never say never, I guess...


Stacey said...

Good luck with your Aerogarden. I'm excited you got one! What seeds did you buy? We don't have anything in ours right now...we took out the herbs right before Christmas, and haven't re-planted anything. So many good options, we can't decide!!

BERRETTS said...

This is Trevor's wife, and I'm a granola. After tasting jarred baby food I turned hippy. Annabel Karmel is a personal fave, we love her book "Superfoods for babies and children" and actually really like making a lot of the dinners for ourselves. Anyway, my favorite puree is the avacado banana mix because it is instant and I would also recommend her avacodo veggie dip (avacado, cream cheese, tomato). It tastes awesome on those mini corn cobs.

Lindsay & Kenny Weston said...

Steph you never cease to amaze me. Teach me all you know in a few days when you come. Cost wise, is it better too? I guess I have this idea in my head that fresh fruits and vegetables are so expensive, but then again so is baby food. Have you been able to compare that?