Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I recommend...

-Pear apples. I had never heard of pear apples until yesterday, when I stumbled upon some in Winco. They are delicious. I had one for lunch today.
-Swing Vote the movie. We rented it from Redbox last night, and I really enjoyed it. Another awesome movie we recently watched is Ghost Town. It is hilarious.
-My January book, Finding Joy in Family Life. It was an excellent book that has kept me thinking about things long after I finished it.
-Emeril's Steamer. I have used it to make baby food, and steamed some vegetables for dinner last night, and it is awesome.
-Organizing. It is therapeutic. I have been going through all my scrapbook stuff, finally putting my Christmas present from Andrew to good use, and it feels so good to throw stuff away. (If you are really interested in some free stuff I don't want anymore, please tell me. It's not my style, but it might be yours.) Also organized the pantry again yesterday. I'm slowly getting somewhere.
-Wearing slippers.
-Keeping a notebook by your bed and writing the events of the day every night. I have been doing that for a little over a week now (hence my lack of blogging, maybe) and I love it.
-Workout videos on Comcast OnDemand. Especially the yoga ones.
-Doing yoga.
-Central vac.
-Weekly playgroups with favorite friends.
-Taking lots of pictures.
-Collecting cookbooks.
-Living in Washington. Really, it's not as rainy as they say.
-This National Geographic map, which is hanging upstairs in our loft. We got the biggest one so we could put pins in everywhere we have lived and visited. Eva loves taking the pins out and throwing them on the floor...but I still love the way the map looks on my chartreuse wall.
-An ice cream maker. We have the Cuisinart one that we got as a wedding gift, and we have recently resurrected it. I have been making homemade ice cream every week, and it's delicious.


julie said...

Leaving a notebook by your bed is a good idea. I'll have to try that. Also, do you have a good ice cream recipe? I've been trying to find one (we got the same ice cream maker for a wedding gift and we've never used it) but I'm always too scared to try one without a recommendation.

Elisa said...

Um... I need a homemade ice cream maker, and a good recipe! I actually have a soft serve one I have never used that I got for my wedding, but you have to use mixes I have never seen, well, at least I think so, I'll have to dig it out and look. I am obsessed with ice cream and would eat it every day if I let myself. Also, if you have no other requests for people to look at your old scrapbook stuff I'd love to look at it before you throw it away! Monique might want to also.

Deidra Smurthwaite said...

Hey Stephanie, your blog is so cute and I love the way you word things. You could be a writer! Here is my blog if you want to check it out.