Monday, February 9, 2009

A few terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad things from today

It wasn't a bad day, exactly. Overall, it wasn't terrible. There were a few good things. But there were a few lame things that happened too.

1. Eva decided to "paint" our bedroom carpet with blue toothpaste. I scrubbed the carpet for the first time today - certainly not the last.

2. Both children screamed through breakfast. It's like they secretly communicated and plotted in the night to try to make me go crazy as early on in the day as possible. I was on the brink of losing it. And it wasn't even 10am yet. It was a symphony of insanity.

3. Leighton woke up and demanded to eat even though it wasn't lunchtime yet. I was in the middle of making another batch of baby food (one of Apple Butternut Squash and one of Sweet potato, carrot, and broccoli). I finally gave in and fed him while my new steamer did its excellent work, but he didn't like the texture of it or something. He kept throwing crying fits. I gave him sips of water to help wash it down, and eventually got the whole bowl down him. Meal #2 in which he screamed through the whole thing.

4. Afternoon shopping trip to Walmart. I know, it was a bad idea. I wanted to have that done before Andrew comes home tomorrow so I could make him yummy food and make him not want to leave again. On the way there, I called my mom. It came up that Leighton was 7 months old today, and Eva was 7 months and just a few days when she flipped out of the shopping cart at Walmart. I shuddered to think about that. We got in the store, and I had divided my list into sections of the store (thanks for the tip, Samye!), so it was all going well and efficiently. Until - and you may not believe this - Eva flipped out of the cart and landed smack on her head. I officially believe in jinx now. She got a huge, blue goose egg within a few minutes and screamed her head off. Of course, that set Leighton off, so I was trying to calm both of them down with all the idiot people standing around staring at me.
I have been watching her all evening and I don't think she has a concussion or a broken arm, both of which I was sure she had while at the store. And thanks to Walmart's continual lack of open checkstands, I had to stand in line for about 3 eternities after all that. Eva calmed down when I gave her a pack of chocolate-covered raisins. And I took her to McDonalds for dinner. Anything to make her happy after her second traumatic Walmart experience. Thankfully, she's fine now. But I'm seriously considering online grocery might just be worth the extra cost.

5. While I was feeding Leighton his dinner (he was eating silently for the first time all day), Eva decided to pour her cup of chocolate milk on the carpet. She kept saying, "Oh no! Blue juice!" The cup was blue, but the stain it left was distinctly brown. Scrub as I might, I can't get that spot out. Maybe tomorrow I'll try again.

6. And once again, in the middle of writing this post, I find myself on my hands and knees again. This time cleaning up the entire bottle of little homeopathic teething tablets Eva dumped all over the floor. And apparently Leighton, who is wrapped in about 38 yards of turquoise ribbon courtesy of Eva, has been snacking on several tablets, as there are a couple puddles of drool and mashed liquidated teething tablets. I hope you can't overdose on those things. At least his teeth won't hurt...

7. And to top it off, my television is mysteriously broken, so I can't watch John and Kate Plus 8 to make myself feel better about my life.

8. Oh, and Andrew called just now saying he will no longer be home when he thought. Delayed AGAIN. All I can say is that if I were in charge of the military, things would be a LOT different. Sigh.


Trevor said...

Just a note on the online grocery shopping. Sherry and I do one order every two weeks and actually save money. We see exactly how much everything costs and our running total is on the side. If something pushes it over budget, we can easily rearrange things right there. As a treat, if they run out of an item we ordered, they will usually give us another brand for the same price or less, never for a higher price. I think we have saved a lot of money by switching to this, and they deliver it to our door. All we are left to do is get better fresh produce and better meats from the neighborhood shop.

We use, but I don't know if they have that where you are. Surely there's something like it though!

HayHay said...

Oh man! I wish I lived close to you so I could watch your children while you take a steaming hot bubble bath. Those are Heaven sent. You deserve one.

bones chick said...

I hope things are better for you. An FYI on getting the brown out would be oxy clean. Noah threw-up a Cherry ICEE on my carpet and I thought I would never get the red out (darn, I just love my carpet). I decided to try the oxy clean mixed in the water in my carpet cleaner and it came out. I also rinse the carpet with vinegar water to help remove any soap residue so dirt is not as easily attracted to the spaot again. If it makes you feel any better we all have those days and feel for you.

Samye said...

Blah sorry about the crappy day...if it makes you feel any better Bennett screamed his head off our entire trip at walmart today...and people looked at me like i was crazy because i just told him to keep screaming we were finishing our trip. (HA I sure showed him,... i think)

Regarding carpet stains, you have to check out my friend Janet's blog...she is the queen of stain remover. As in her 3 year old spilled PAINT on their brand new carpet and she got it out. Seriously. She is under my friend section from Vegas. Good luck with the whole husband being gone, mine was gone all last week and I don't know how you do it so are my hero!

Juliann said...

YOu are hilarious! I was laughing SOOOOO hard while reading your post. I totally understand those days. We have them quite often!

Camille and Jay said...

I'm sorry about all that, but reading that made me feel so normal, especially since I had the worse day yesterday, they don't come ver often but when they do man watch out:) Online grocery shopping does sound like the way to go, if you start doing it let me know how it goes, I'm sure we can't do that from Enid but maybe when we move I can:) Hope you have many more wonderful days!!