Sunday, March 1, 2009

Better than a Coach bag

This afternoon after church, I drove home and parked in the garage as usual. And, as usual, I thought about what I would do if I came in and found that a man had broken in my house. I went upstairs to put Leighton down for a nap. I walked out of his room and turned into the hallway.

Simultaneously, I hear Eva say, "It's Dada!" and see a man holding her. It scared me half to death and I almost peed my pants for an instant - until I realized it really was Dada. He had come home early. I had somehow failed to notice his car in the driveway and was completely surprised to see him.

He brought me back a Coach bag from Korea - another happy surprise. But far better than the new purse is having him home again.

1 comment:

Mikael Webb said...

I want to see a picture of your bag! (I already know what Andrew looks like)