Saturday, March 7, 2009

Up to date

Remember last summer when I was living in Altus and having serious computer problems? I was taking a Photoshop class from Jessica Sprague and, although the class was incredible, my computer was incredibly inept to handle the tasks I needed it to do. Just opening Photoshop alone took several minutes, and every time I clicked it would be over 30 seconds of waiting - on a good day.

Well, I am happy to announce that my computer problems are solved. Last week we got a new computer! And where my old computer had less than 1/2 GB of RAM, this one has 6. Which means it's like the speed of light to me. Opening Photoshop, editing's all fun once again. I got the new Photoshop Elements 7 and bought some AWESOME actions for editing pictures, and I have been having so much fun playing with my new computer.

Andrew also got a new computer - a laptop - and we've been having lannie parties and sitting on our computers side by side. It's so nice! Nerdy, but nice. I'm so happy to finally be current on my technology.


Elise said...

Steph, don't sit on your new computer!
It may break! They aren't for sitting upon!

Elise said...

(Okay, here's my real comment:)

Yay for new computers! I was immensely happy when I got my iMac last year...or wait. That was almost two years ago. How time flies!