Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hi, ER? It's your best friends the Webbs. We'll be right in.

Yep, that's right. Another ER trip for poor Eva today. Every time she gets a cold, her asthma hits full force. She's definitely her mother's daughter. I hope she grows out of it, as I never have.

Andrew took her to the hospital and I went to church with Leighton. I'm not sure which was more fun. :) She's fine now with her steroids and breathing treatments and "special juice" Motrin. Let's hope tonight is better than last night. I guess it couldn't be any worse.


Brittani said...

Okay Steph, when did you let her grow up...she is so beautiful. I cannot wait to see her and hear her talk, wahooo!

bones chick said...

I hope she gets better soon. We know how all that goes and we feel for you. When they offer you your own parking space outside the ER you know you have made it as good as us (They really teased us that we'd get a gold plated parking space). Can't wait to see you.

Mikael Webb said...

Didn't think she could get any prettier...I guess I was wrong! I can hardly wait to see you guys in Moab! Give the kiddos kisses and tell them about their favorite aunt Mooch

Watts Family said...

She is so pretty Steph! I love that picture.
That's not fun that she had to go the the ER again. Poor girl.
Kick butt in Moab!!

Elise said...

I'm sorry that you had to do that again!

She looks beautiful in that picture.

Jake Miller said...

You just may get a heart necklace that says "BFF" from the ER. Really clever post title.

If it makes you feel any better, all my siblings grew out of asthma.