Friday, February 26, 2010

Thoughts on my traveling man

There are times when I think, "Yeah. That's why I married Andrew. He gets me."

Like in January, when he was coming home from a trip a few days before my birthday. He made a stop in Tennesee and found Bluebell ice cream at a little store. Knowing how much I adore Bluebell ice cream, he bought a little cooler and filled it up with a bunch of little containers of different flavors. He flew it home himself (self-imported Bluebell!) and gave it to me as a surprise (early) birthday present. Unfortunately, much of it had melted and refrozen and had lost the creamy texture that defines Bluebell. But it was still delicious because of the way it had gotten into my hands.

Or like yesterday. I was at my wit's end with housework and the children and didn't know what to do. Andrew and I were chatting on Skype (since his internet connection is so bad we can't have a vocal conversation, we have to chat like 15-year-olds) (lol brb). Sensing my frustration (after I typed "I hate Skype"), he says, "Take the kids somewhere. Go to the gym." I was again filled with frustration. The gym and I have a negative relationship going on right now. I don't WANT to work out, but I know I SHOULD, and it's a big, complicated, mental problem I have. So him telling me to go was enough to push me into tears.
I almost typed "I don't want to go" but instead sat there crying to the screen. He continued, "Go to the gym at least for the babysitting. You need some time for you. Take some earphones and just watch TV while riding the bike. Or go swimming. Or just buy a smoothie and just sit there and drink it while the kids are away from you in daycare." As I read his words, I started crying even harder, but not out of frustration anymore.
That is exactly what I needed him to say. Go to the gym for me. Not because I'm getting fat already or because we are wasting money on a membership by not using it. But to get a break from the kids and nothing else. I agreed to go and, still crying the whole time (pregnant much?), got ready to go to the gym.
I ended up swimming - 30 minutes of a workout and 30 minutes of play time. You know, like 7 year olds do. Floating around, diving down to play tea party, blowing was very therapeutic. As I showered and got ready to get the kids back, I said a (tearful, of course) prayer of gratitude for Andrew and the way he knew just what to say to me. It's not always that way, of course. Sometimes he says the way wrong thing. But sometimes, when it matters most, he is exactly right.

I love you, honey.


Lacking Productivity said...

Something I will never, ever, ever comprehend:

how it is possible that of all the billions of humans on the planet and of all the billions of ideas and values a person can have and of all the locations people can live and of all the circumstances that could have changed it all, I have found one person that knows me, get me, supports me, cares about me, loves me, and yes, even thinks I'm sexy.

God works in the most mysterious, however miraculous ways.

It honestly blows my mind.

Brittani said...

Oh Andrew, proud sister right here! Oh Steph, I would ahve teken your kids for you had it been possible and I completely understand you situation. Maybe I need to get a gym membership!

Kara Camille said...

You guys are truly a "match made under heaven"! This post also made me want to get a real gym membership--not the base gym where the kids play in a pin right in front of you no break at all. Maybe when you move to Vegas I'll get a membership wherever you end up going. We can have tea parties on the bottom of the pool together--deal?!

Josh and Ari Hill said...

Stephanie I didn't know your hubby is gone again, I swear it feels like he got back right before Josh deployed, I'm here at home and I would love to have a play date or we can go to a movie or something my hub is home now and he can watch the kids while we go to a chick flick if you want. call me if you need to or email me and we can figure something out.