Saturday, February 20, 2010

Speaking of cheese, still

Tonight for dinner I made one of my favorite meals. It takes about 5 minutes to make, and it is almost an exact duplicate of my favorite dish at the Spaghetti Factory. There are 3 ingredients: spaghetti, butter, and Myzithra cheese.

Myzithra is a Greek cheese made from sheep's milk. It is dry and salty and DELICIOUS. I have only ever found it at Safeway in the specialty cheese section. It's slightly expensive, but totally worth every penny. It's perfect for a quick dinner - just cook up however much spaghetti your family will eat, melt a pat of butter on top and toss to coat, then grate enough cheese for about 1/4 c. per person. (If you are like me - I want every noodle strand coated with Myzithra goodness.)

I had another post planned for today,'s Saturday. I'll be back tomorrow. With a post NOT about cheese.


HAYHAY said...

I am jealous of your move to Vegas! I wish we could be close to you and Kare! You guys are going to have some great times! I would be sad to leave your awesome green Kitchen also... It is so pretty.


P.S. I love cheese (except for stinky feta cheese hidden in the fridge).

Brittani said...

mmmmmmm, mouth is watering! Thanks for the introduction this summer!

Christine said...

That is my favorite dish there too! I just wish there was one here in Tucson... Thanks for the recipe though :)

Elise said...

That sounds delightful. I'll have to keep my eye out for that kind of cheese.