Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Life by Winter Olympics

The other night, Andrew and I sat watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics together. Olympics are a big deal to us. As we sat watching, I realized that if I measured my life in winter Olympics, it looked pretty good.

Salt Lake City, 2002 - I was a senior in high school. In Orem, UT. I never even stepped foot at the Olympic Park. Although it was less than an hour's drive from my home, I never took the chance to go. (Big regret.) I did win tickets (from some contest at school) to go see a luge competition, but I didn't go. Because it was on Sunday, and because I had no idea what the luge was. Andrew went with his brother Perry to something, but we didn't know each other at the time. If only my high school self had known my future husband was standing mere minutes from me, I would have sacrificed life and limb to get to Salt Lake and see him. Little did I know. :)

Nagano, 2006 - Andrew and I were engaged. We sat in my nasty apartment in Colorado Springs, on a nasty little couch, watching all the Olympics we could and kissing during all the commercial breaks, I'm sure. We were crazy in love and less than 4 months from getting married.

Vancouver, 2010 - Once again, we are not too far from the location of the Olympics. Vancouver is just a few hours from us. But after looking at ticket prices for the events I would want to attend, I decided ice skating was NOT something I would sacrifice life and limb, or $200, to see. So there we were on the couch together again, with two kids sleeping upstairs and one happily gestating. Not kissing at every commercial break, but contentedly being together for one of the last nights before Andrew's trip.

I can't even imagine what the summary will be 4 years from now. But I can't wait to see.
P.S. We are DVRing the entire Olympics. And I have to admit that I always fast forward through biathlons of any kind, any event that doesn't have an American or someone with a touching story, and lame commercials. I like the Visa ones, and the P&G one makes me cry every time. You know, this one. Admit it, you teared up a bit.


bones chick said...

It makes me feel old to hear you talk about being in High School during the SLC Olympics. I had twp kids. How time flies.

Brittani said...

We love them too. I was lucky my parents paid for me to go see something, I was married in college and had no $....we have spent a lot of time fast forwarding too, the only way to do it!

Charity said...

That is kinda fun to see the jumps and changes in life each past 4 yrs. What an exciting time of life we are in!

leslie said...

maybe we can switch houses. st. george isn't too far from vegas, and i would move to washington in a heart beat!

ps. my sister wanted a good recipe to make for her roommates, and i gave her the ugly chicken one. thanks to you and your mom for that!

Lacking Productivity said...

You didn't go to the Olympics in SLC...what the what?!!! I literally missed school during every day during the Olympics. I decided to volunteer, so I worked up there the whole time, and every teacher let me totally off the hook. I didn't have to make up a single homework or test that I missed during that time, because they said it is a once in a lifetime experience. I was fantastic.