Sunday, February 21, 2010

My beanbag adventure, and a little aside about my girls' camp trauma

The other day as I was researching things I wanted/needed to get for Eva's preschool program (more about that later), I saw some beanbags. I thought, "I could make some beanbags."

I googled online for a beanbag tutorial and found this adorable one from Lil' Blue Boo. Um, hello? Those are the cutest beanbags I've ever seen in my life. So the next morning (Thursday) I got brave and took both kids the the craft store to get some fabric and everything else I needed. I got fabric. But after Leighton was leaning way out of the cart and throwing every bottle of puff paint he could reach on the floor, I decided to forego painting the letters on the front for now. A plain beanbag is good enough, right?

Friday afternoon, I laid out the fabric on my coffee table. I was a little nervous, as this was to be the first sewing project I had ever carried out completely on my own. Kind of a big deal. I ironed the fabric (aren't you proud, Mom?) and then got to cutting. I loosely followed the tutorial, although I just found a mark that looked right to me on my ruler without knowing the exact size. But they were all the same size, so it was a victory indeed. I matched up all the fabrics and found that I had 24 beanbags. Whoa. Way more than I intended - apparently I got a little cutting-happy. Oh well.

I sat down at my machine and got to work. It took a little practice to get everything just right. My machine tried to battle with me, but I pulled out the instruction manual and put that little Singer right in its place. After sewing a few squares, the hum of the machine became relaxing. It was like an out-of-body experience and I had suddenly become my mother. The hum of that machine is the background noise of my late childhood, in a way.

As I sewed, I started thinking about how I would blog about this project. About how I would post pictures of the finished product and feel so proud of my accomplishment. I tried to think of a good opening line for my post, one that would convey the idea that I got this crazy idea and totally carried it out. Like "The other day I got a wild hair and..." There was a certain phrase I was trying to think of...something about a bee. I ran through the options in my mind. A bee in my hat? No. A bee in my underwear? No. A bee in my pants? In my brain?

But the underwear one brought back a memory of that one time at girls camp (about age 15) when I was in the bathroom stall changing out of my swim suit. I put my underwear on and felt a little lump right at the crease of my thigh, you know the spot? I reached in and pulled out a full-on BEE. FROM MY UNDERWEAR. Funny memory, but not the right phrase. The words eluded me, and I pondered as I sewed. I got all 24 squares done, turned them right-side out, and ironed them again. (Mom, for real, are you proud of me?) (I NEVER iron.)

Saturday night I had Monique over for scrapbook night, but instead of scrapbooking, I worked on my beanbags. It was slow going. I don't own a funnel, so I was pretty much filling up the dang things bean by bean. I top-stitched around them all to make them look pretty. After a couple hours, I had completed 6 beanbags. Here they are, for your viewing pleasure.
Oh, and I remembered the phrase. So here's my opening line, as a closing line instead:

The other day, I got a bee in my bonnet. I made some beanbags.


Samye said...

Way to go! Lil' Blue Boo has some really cute stuff and ideas...I am sure you have seen her dresses that she makes out of old t-shirts?? Super cute stuff!!

Brittani said...

way to go steph!

Lacking Productivity said...

I love bean bags. I had totally forgotten about them. (How does one forget about bean bags?)