Monday, June 30, 2008

Wichita Falls

There is nobody that feels like family (outside of family) more than the awesome friends we got to spend the weekend with. We had such a wonderful time just being together. We stayed in Kara and Clay's way nice apartment and the whole time wished that we could live in Wichita Falls instead of here in Altus. Oh well--we'll be in Washington soon enough. :)

The drive down there was surprisingly short--a little less than an hour and a half. We went first to Will and Sarah's apartment, where we all eventually met up. We went to dinner at On the Border--YUM--and then for dessert to the most amazing snow cone shack on the planet. OH man, was it good. We sat outside and talked for a couple hours, then headed back to Kara and Clay's to talk for another couple hours. We stayed up late and I loved it.

Saturday we had a pancake breakfast at Will and Sarah's and then the girls headed out shopping to heaven on earth, a.k.a. Target. I splurged a little and bought Eva an amazingly cute dress and shirt and myself a pair of earrings and a cute yellow purse. The boys kept Eva, which was so nice. Shopping just isn't the same with a one-year-old. In that it's impossible. They played Wii the whole time and Eva was an angel. We ate dinner that night at Texas Roadhouse, where Andrew and I shared a full rack of the most tender, fall-off-the-bones ribs. We again stayed up late talking that night, but it was so fun.

Sunday we went to church at their ward (they are in our stake--how weird is that!) and sat outside in the foyer most of the time with Eva. Of course. But at least we were there. 2 1/2 months until she's in nursery...I can't WAIT. We had a yummy lunch of waffles, bacon, and eggs at Kara and Clay's and Stacy and Chris and their cute baby Miles came too. We were pretty sad to leave and come back here to lonely town. I can't wait to see our friends again! And a huge thanks to Kara and Clay for letting us stay there. And I would like to give Clay credit where credit is due--he is mostly responsible for Eva's beauty and intelligence, according to him. He is the one (and Kara) who set up Andrew and me. Since Eva is the product of that decision, we will be ETERNALLY grateful to Clay. Thank you, Clay. We will forever sing your praises, and possibly name a child or two after you.

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Annie said...

The first thing I thought when I saw Eva in the 1st picture you posted is "teenager pout." Scary!