Saturday, June 14, 2008

A lazy and relaxing week

My project for the week has been working on my Blurb blog book. After seeing Anne's in Utah last week, I felt more motivated than ever to get mine done. Hers was totally amazing. Unfortunately, I have probably the slowest internet connection in the galaxy, so it has taken a LONG time and a LOT of patience to do it. And this morning, I finally finished. I just did the year 2007, and I'm really pleased with how it looks--at least on the screen. I think it will take about 8 hours to upload it to the website so I can order it, so I'm going to have to do that overnight. Hopefully the computer doesn't freeze up like it does several times a day. Blah. At least we have internet--I shouldn't complain.

It has been a good week for Andrew's schedule as well. At the beginning of the week I was dreading it because he had to be gone from about 8-12 every night. But I actually loved it, because he was home all day (he went in to study for about an hour or two while Eva napped in the afternoon), we got to be lazy all day, go to the pool, eat dinner together, put Eva down, and then he would leave for his simulator. And I just worked on my blog book until he came home. It was perfect. We have been going to bed late and I think today we're both pretty tired, but it was good. Today he had to go in for an afternoon sim and will be home at 6:30. And then we'll go to the pool.

Eva is liking the pool more and more. She gets used to the water a lot faster and is actually pretty comfortable moving around and stuff. She likes to hold onto the side. She is so funny--she loves watching all the people jumping off the diving board and the kids playing and everything. When she wants to go touch something--like the dolphin slide--she'll say, "Asat? Asat? Asat?" (meaning "What's that?") about 50 times, and then she'll point and say "Touch." But the way she says touch cracks me up every single time. She doesn't ever say it--she only whispers it. And it's more like "Ta-ch." It is so stinking cute. And let's be honest--there is nothing in the world cuter than her in her little pink swimsuit and big green hat. She kind of looks like an old Chinese woman with the floppy brim hanging in her eyes, and I love it. And her eyes just look SO blue and her eyelashes SO long in the pool, it surprises me every time we go how pretty she is in the water. Maybe she'll be a water model or something.

Another thing we do for entertainment during the day is walk to the grocery store. I told Andrew we are like European people who go to the market everyday. Except we don't go to get fresh bread and vegetables and cheese. We just go out of boredom and lack of planning, and we usually get packaged stuff for one meal. We go shopping just about everyday. Since most everything in our fridge spoiled during that power outage, we had to start all over. Which was annoying, but at least we didn't have a TON of stuff. We are trying to keep food storage to a minimum since we're not here for too long. Less than 2 months left! YAY! The best find of the week was my all-time favorite cereal, Cap'n Crunch--on sale for $1.81 a box! We bought 4 boxes on Monday, and then yesterday I bought another box. I eat it for dessert at night, and I LOVE it. How ironic that I eat the same exact thing for breakfast and dessert. Oh well.

Eva has been doing this really strange thing recently. I caught her on camera a couple times, luckily. She likes to lay down on the ground outside. Sometimes she'll do it while coloring wiht her chalk on the porch or on the neighbor's porch, or sometimes she'll just lay there talking and half-singing to herself. What a crazy girl! She has been so good recently. She'll lay down on her own for a diaper change and doesn't fuss one little bit when her put her down for her 1pm nap or her 8pm bedtime. I think today she's getting some more teeth, but she's still so much fun. She has taken to throwing small tantrums where she plops herself on the ground and then lays down (again with the laying down on the ground) and then kind of breakdances or something. She just rotates around on her stomach all over the living room and kitchen, whining and moaning. But it's too funny for me to watch--I just can't take her seriously. I think this is my favorite age so far--she's just so funny.

Another thing--she's pretty much a sign language genius. She communicates SO well with us, I love it. She asks for bananas, bread, drinks, food, cookie, and can say please, hot, cold, car, bird, and all sorts of things. She says, "Up!" when she wants to be held, tells us when she's done eating, knocks on the door when she wants to go outside, and says, "Quack" when she sees her duck or anything she thinks looks like a duck. She does the sign for cracker, fish, and doggy, and she seems so proud of herself when she sees something she can identify. She also made up a sign by herself when she wants ice and says, "Ice!" She also has a new-found love for Otter Pops (my personal summer favorite) and runs to the freezer when she wants one. She loves to throw things in the trash (as well as get things out of the trash--we're working on that) and put shoes away in the shoe basket. She's so smart! I sure love my Eva girl.

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Lisa said...

Those are way cute pictures! Hey, I think Carl's Jr. has a Cap'n Crunch shake right now (at least the one in Enid does)- I haven't tried it, but it sounds like something you might enjoy!