Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Taking a break from the Utah trip updates for a bit to do this...I have browsed on Flickr once or twice, but when my sister Lindsay tagged me with this fun tag I got to have a lot of fun wasting time on that site. So here's the tag. :)
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Photo by: sudweeks
One of my favorite memories of my birthplace town is the annual hot air balloon festival on the 4th of July. We went for YEARS as early as I can remember. We would get up way early when it was still dark and drive to the park and set up our blankets. We always ate breakfast at McDonald's and spent the morning watching the balloons inflate (or whatever hot air balloons do) and then take off and fill the sky. Then we always went to the Provo City parade. I love Provo on the 4th of July.
Photo by: sudweeks
FAVORITE VACATION DESTINATION...Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort, Mazatlan, Mexico
Photo by: jtphoto27
This amazing, beautiful pool was where Andrew and I spent one week in our 2 month honeymoon. And I have to say, it was the highlight of the whole time. It was SO incredibly relaxing. All we did was get up early and head to lounge by the pool. ALL day. We just read books under the shade of umbrellas while laying on the lounge chairs. Ahh. That was the life. I have never been so calm and relaxed in my life. Next time I really need to unwind, that is seriously where I'm going. It was the best.

FAVORITE COLOR...chartreuse
Photo by: jek in the box
That's the color our living room walls were painted in our last house, and I think I'm going to do it again in our new house. I just love that color. It's like a green with lots of yellow in it. Bright and happy and cheery.

DREAM CAREER...Travel guidebook author
Photo by: Ian Hsu
After our trip to Costa Rica a couple years ago, I realized that guidebook authors seriously have the hook-up. So one day I want to be one. Get paid to travel around and try out all the restaurants and hotels and tourist attractions I see, and then write about it. I can't imagine a better job.

GUILTY PLEASURE...Swiss Cake Rolls
Photo from Little Debbie website
Whenever these go on sale at the commissary for $.85 a box, I just can't resist. And I usually hide them from Andrew because he hates when I eat pure junk like that. Hence the guilt. I have to eat them in secret. And I know they are SO bad for me. But they are just so good!

FAVORITE HOBBY...Scrapbooking. But since I can't do that here in Altus, my current favorite hobby would have to be, sadly, the internet.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT....Cheesecake Factory
Photo by: QThunder Boys
The portions are huge, the food is great, but let's be honest. What I really go there for is...
Photo by: pixeltopia
the delicious cheesecake! My favorite is the Snickers bar one. Please excuse me while I wipe my drool off the keyboard just thinking about eating some. YUM.

My favorite of her is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but I also love 4 Feathers and Alex and Emma. And most everything else she's in that I've seen. She is just so stinking cute.

I can honestly say that I LOVE everything he's ever been in. I think the only ones I haven't seen are the one where he plays a guy with AIDS and the recent one, Charlie's War or something. He is just a great actor, and he's not good-looking in the least bit. True talent. My favorite is You've Got Mail, hands down. Oh, and Sleepless in Seattle.

FAVORITE VEHICLE...Toyota Highlander
We are thinking of buying one of these. I have loved them for years, and getting one would be a dream come true. But even if we end up getting a Sienna mini-van, I can still dream about Highlanders. Someday.

At the moment, it's pretty much the only store with cute clothes that fit my large self. But in 5 short weeks, that will change. And then the world of shopping is open to me again. YAY!

Photo by: Jim Yeo
I've actually never even seen one of these flowers in real life. I just love the name. I feel like it's my own personal flower. And it is pretty, isn't it?
I tag: Ali Flegal, Anne Lee, Krista Watts, and whoever else wants to do this.

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