Sunday, June 15, 2008

Awkward vs. Awesome

Things that are awkward:

1. Getting in the pool. Andrew informed me yesterday that although I did not look like the fat lady who had just jumped off the diving board, I made a splash just like hers when I dove/fell in.

2. Bending over to pick up Eva.

3. When someone wants to come in your bedroom and you have to hurry and cover up the underwear that is laying on the bed.

4. Weird men at the swimming pool. One came up to me yesterday and I thought he was handicapped. Not a bad thing, I just got that impression from how he acted and spoke. No sooner did I think that than he said, "I was a pediatrician for 20 years." Excuse me???

5. When you don't know if someone is trying to shake your hand or is just sticking their hand out as a weird speech gesture, and then you realize they are trying to shake your hand, so you extend your hand just as they retract theirs...and then you just feel so foolish. I hate that.

6. Watching someone trip and almost fall on television. Even though you're not there, you just feel bad for them. I mean, come on--like 2 million people just saw that.

7. Seeing my pregnant self naked. It always surprises me how strange my stomach looks.

8. When little kids say things they shouldn't. For example, when I was younger I was at Home Depot with my mom and siblings. We were all standing on the same aisle as a very obese woman wearing short shorts with a large chunk of fat hanging off one leg. My brother Jeff, who was probably about 3 or 4 at the time, yells out, "Look, Mom! That lady has a muffin on her leg!" Even though I was young, I still felt totally awkward. But to Jeffrey's credit, that fat chunk really did look like a muffin.

Things that are awesome:

1. I googled myself, and my blog is the fifth thing on the list. On the FIRST page. I'm getting famouser. And yes, that is a word, because I just used it.

2. I only have 30 days left until my due date. I pray that Leighton's actual arrival will be sooner than that...but I really know better than to get my hopes up. If he comes earlier that 10 days late, I'll count my lucky stars.

3. Flonase. I no longer have allergies, and I have my great doctor here to thank for that.

4. $.99 shakes from Sonic. Although it costs just as much to drive to Sonic as it does to buy a shake, I still love them.

5. I finally finished my Blurb book and ordered it. I can't wait to have a hard copy of the record of my life for 2007. Blogging is the best.

6. My sister was released from her mission today, and this is the first Sunday in 19 months that I won't write her a letter. My parents are there in Romania picking her up, and I can't wait until she's back in this country so I can talk to her on the phone.

7. Short hair. I am cutting mine again, and I am NEVER going to try to grow it out again. Be prepared. And please, if I ever talk about wanting long hair again, just slap me. It is SO not my thing.

8. Arriving home from church and finding this chalk note on our porch from our cute neighbors the Willises:

It says, "Church is great fun when you have babies!" and then a face of a crying baby. That made our day. Chalk isn't just for kids, after all.

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