Friday, June 27, 2008


Ali Flegal said...

Long time no comment (from me). I hope you've been coping from the void of my commenting absence. I'm back now. Crap, so... I'm moving and I'm not super "down" with the idea because I really, really, really like living by my Mom. Do you have any coping suggestions?

Andrew and Eva make quite a pair. Isn't it the best when your kid's daddy is their best friend? I love watching Andrew (flegal) play with Eliza. Such a thrill of happiness... so if you like South Carolina, can you put in a request to President Bush to move there? Do you want me to write a letter on Andrew's behalf? Let me know. Let's be neighbors, that would make my life.

Kara Camille said...

Cute little Eva, miss her already! And speaking of that cute little girl, we found one of her white sandals this morning. We can mail it to you or figure something out. Let us know your address or the easiest way to get that shoe back to you. Miss you!!