Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun with my family

Yesterday we got another awesome package in the mail--our Sit and Stand stroller! We took it to the commisary for its maiden voyage, and I loved it. I think Eva liked it too.
After anxiously waiting all day yesterday for my family to arrive, they finally got here at about 5pm. We met them in the Walgreens parking lot and I got to see my sister Kim for the first time in 19 months. It was so fun to see her! We headed back to our "house" where Eva warmed up quickly to all the new "strangers" and played with everyone for a while. Grandma was very glad to see her. :) And she sure was glad to have so many people to shower her with attention.
I made a yummy dinner of teriyaki chicken (I got the recipe for the sauce from The Daily Bite and it was delicious) and broccoli. After stuffing ourselves on that, we headed over to the pool to cool off. It was great having Grandma there, because I was able to go down the slide for the first time! I didn't know if they would let me since I was pregnant, but I had Kim ask the lifeguard for me and he said it was fine. YAY! It was so fun. I layed down to go faster and I'm pretty sure it almost put me into labor, though. I must have pulled a ligament somewhere in there because my stomach was sore as sin for the rest of the night. But it was worth it. :)

Eva also got to go down the slide with Daddy. She didn't show much emotion at all--she must be Andrew's daughter. But I, of course, took pictures to make a big deal of it anyway. The water was warmer than it's ever been so we got to stay for a couple hours without freezing to death.

After the pool we headed back home and put Eva to bed. We played "Buzz Word," our favorite family game, while waiting for my Pioneer Woman apple dumplings to cook. And man, were they good. I think I'm still on a sugar high from them--they are the sweetest thing I've ever made--but I love them. Mmmm. By that point we were all ready for bed. Mom and Sarah went to their hotel room, and Kim and Tim slept on our incredible uncomfortable pull-out couch bed. Luckily, they are both people who love to sleep on the floor, so I'm sure it had to be at least a little more padding than the floor. I dreamed a bad dream about Eva wandering off and I couldn't find her, and of course slept badly. That's the standard now, isn't it? Blah. We got up at about 7:30am.

Kim and Tim went to play soccer (I don't know how I am related to such athletic people...I just did NOT get that gene) and Mom and Sarah came over. We ate breakfast, Eva mooched more food form Grandma's giant Tupperware bin full of snacks and ate a healthy breakfast of Cheetos and dry Fruit Loops. Oh well. :)

I was so sad to see them go! Weird that next time I see them I will no longer be pregnant, and I'll have 2 kids. And weird that last time I saw Kim, I was barely pregnant with Eva. Things change so fast! But I'm so glad they got to stop in and see us on their way to Utah. Wish I could be going with them--it's the annual Andersen family reunion with my 400 relatives. But at least I will get to spend the weekend with some of favorite friends--Kara and Clay, Will and Sarah, and Chris and Stacy, in Wichita Falls. Texas, here we come. And I had better not go into labor while we're there.


Anonymous said...

are you sure about that?

berto xxx

onebrilliantgirl said...

Stephanie, I found your blog via Lindsay's blog...hope you don't mind having a reader from Seattle. :) It's so fun to read your blog. And, Eva is so very cute. Hope all goes well with the arrival of the next little one! And, I just have to say that I totally miss your family.