Saturday, March 22, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

At the bowling alley on base it was $.50 for anyone wearing green for St. Patrick's day. So after a pretty boring day, we decided to don green and head to the lanes. Andrew surprised me by wearing his Napoleon Dynamite "I'm training to be a cage fighter" shirt that he bought when we were dating. It's too small and pretty tight, and he looks totally hot in it. I didn't know he was wearing it until he took off his jacket at the bowling alley, and I just had to laugh.

Eva was sporting green pants and a green onesie, just for good measure. Totally didn't match, but she still looked cute. We kept our streak of horrible bowling. We used to be pretty good, for a while. Alas, the only thing we are consistent at in the sport of bowling is inconsistency. Every time. But we had fun.

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Watts Family said...

I love bowling! Eva looks so cute in green.