Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Our orders finally came! It was a little frustrating to not know WHEN we would move, and I'm so excited to finally know. We officially leave Enid on May 9 and report to Altus, OK, where we will live until August 14. After that it's off to Washington with a report date to McChord AFB on Sept. 10th. So baby Leighton will be born in Oklahoma after all. I'm a little nervous about switching doctors at 30 weeks, but I know it could be alot worse. I'm just hoping for a better experience than the last birth--that's all I can hope for.

The other exciting thing is that now we know Andrew's survival training dates and we can plan our house hunting trip! It looks like we'll be out there on April 4--exactly a month from today! We have really been looking at building a house and I'm SO excited about that prospect. So everything is falling into place!

On a sad note, Eva is still sick--worse than ever. She seems to be following my pattern of sickness from last week, so if that continues then this should be her worse day. It was horrible being sick, but I think it's just as bad watching her be sick. Especially since she can't even blow her nose--it's just cruel that babies can get just as sick as adults but can't take any medicine to help them! Hopefully she gets better by tomorrow, because that's when Andrew's parents and grandparents come in for graduation weekend. The rest of the clan (his sister Chanel with husband and 3 kids and my mom and my sister) will arrive on Thursday, and then on Friday the festivities begin. Yay!

Also, since Eva's been sick I have been on the internet a LOT, and I found the most amazing company with the coolest website. If you want some cool stickers for your wall, go here. I am definitely getting some for our beautiful new house.

Wow, that picture is miniscule--it's the best I can do. :)


Melissa Andreasen said...

Is that a picture of the house you will be living in, in Altus?

Lisa Monks said...

I'm sad you are leaving, Steph! I know it'll be stressful to switch doctors, but it really will be fine. I'm glad it's your second kid, so you will not be too worried! I had to get a new dr. here (Dr. Ferguson) at 34 weeks . . and then Clayton came 2 weeks early! Crazy. But it all turned out just fine. You will do great.

Watts Family said...

Steph I am going to come down to visit for sure. We will miss you tonz! That seems soooooooo soon.