Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Flu

Today, I decided enough was enough. 6 days of fever and sickness with no visible improvement is just too much for a mother to handle--despite complete confidence of a wave-of-the-hand dismissal from the medical community. So I took Eva to the doctor. Our pediatrician is out of town, so we saw a family practice medical doctor. No offense to the medical military professionals, but I have come to doubt their ability. After my pregnancy and birth with Eva, I have no reason to feel anything but speculation and hesitancy. (Except, of course, for the birthing process--I need someone to give me an epidural. ;) ) So as I suspected, it's the flu. And of course--there is nothing they can do.
Which brings me to the bone I have to pick with...I don't know who. Nature, I guess. WHY in heaven's name can we not come up with a cure for the flu? I know my scientific and biological knowledge is small, to say the least, but it just seems like we SHOULD be able to do better. We can cause human reproduction to work in a petri dish. We can give people new organs that function better than their original ones, like on Return to Me (great movie!). We can clone animals. We can find answers to bizarre diseases, like this guy in Malaysia or something I saw on television that had this wart strain that caused him to grow TREES from his hands and feet. We can do brain surgery. We can sometimes even cure cancer. Why then can we not find a way to make my daughter's runny nose and fever disappear? I just don't get it.


Lindser Binzer said...

Poor little Eva. That's no fun at all. I agree with you though, seems kind of silly with all the technology and advancements we've made into the medical world that we haven't figured out how to fix it. Good luck with that.

About your move on May 9th--are you having a panic attack about getting everything packed and out of there in just a few days? Isn't that a little unreasonable to ask?

Sunshine said...

Ahhh.. I saw Andrew waiting almost an hour today for the Motrin, I hope that she is getting better soon. And that you can enjoy some of the fun festivities of graduation!

HayHay said...

Amen friend. I'm with ya there. Why can't they? One of the lessons I've learned being a mom is that there is nothing worse than a sick baby. It's like they're miserable and in pain, but they can't relax!! They can't just lay on the couch and eat banana Popsicles and wait to get better. I used to love getting sick because I had a reason to chill and not feel guilty about it. Not babies though. They have snot dripping off their noses, but they still diligently and miserably explore every inch of the apartment. At least this is how Jake has been.
I'm ready for the sick season to be over. I'm sure you feel the same way:)

Talon & Annie Webb said...

Come to think of it, it IS pretty weird that we don't have a cure for the flu but we can grow babies in test tubes. There's something seriously strange about that.

Ali Flegal said...

In addition to curing the flu, can you put in a request to make calories not count? I mean, a world where chocolate sped up your metabolism wouldn't hurt anything, now would it? Or how about a world where women don't have to wear nylons - ever?

Thanks Steph, you're the best. I hope sweet little Eva perks up soon.