Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big girl carseat

We have reached a milestone in Eva's life. Yesterday we moved her to her forward facing carseat. I know, she's not 1 yet (7 more days until she is!), but we were just so excited that we couldn't wait anymore.

She seemed a little confused at first, but soon got used to being able to see us. We both kept pulling down our mirrors to look at her. I think we were more excited about being able to see her than she was to be able to see us!

She chattered away (sometimes I think she's trying to sing with the funny sounds she makes!) and we had a good drive down there. We took a little excursion to OKC to go to Target. Man, I love that store. We got a Baby Einstein movie and a cute outfit for Eva's birthday. I think we've officially bought her too many birthday presents, but it's just so nice to have a good reason to spoil her. :)

She was a little terror for most of the day because she wouldn't fall asleep. We have been working all last week on moving her to one nap a day, but a full day with no nap at all--NO FUN. For anyone. Including everyone else in the store.

We finally gave up and left to go home around 4pm. And within 5 minutes of driving, she was fast asleep. Little punk. At least she's a cute punk. :)

We stopped for dinner in this small little Mexican restaurant in Hennessy. At first glance I said, "No way," but after gathering my courage and telling myself if it was THAT bad I could just at the chips and salsa, we ventured in. I probably wouldn't take the time to go back, but it wasn't too bad. We were pleasantly surprised. And I didn't have to make dinner, so that was even better.

After playing with Eva and letting her watch her new movie (I think we were more into it than her), we put her down and spent the rest of the night picking out house options. We have officially decided to build, and we are SO excited. We've moved up our "house hunting" trip (even though the hunting is done, there is still lots of paperwork!) to the end of March, and I'm SO excited. Andrew will be gone from home for almost a full month, and he's pretty sad that he won't get to see Eva for so long. He has not yet expressed how sad he is to be leaving me, but hopefully that will come soon. :) Picking out all the stuff for a brand new house is time consuming--there are SO many decisions--but it has been really fun. I'm so anxious now to get moved in! September can't come soon enough.


HayHay said...

I LOVE when you post pictures of Eva. She is SOOOOO adorable. I can see both of you in her. I wish I could see her in real life and just swing her around. Maybe someday:) Someday I can tell her about her crazy momma's college days:). I miss you Steph. I'm excited about your new house and move. Your life sounds like it's going great. Good Luck with being apart from Andrew. He will miss you like crazy. I love you!!

Camille and Jay said...

Congrats on deciding to build. That will be such a fun adventure, Jay would love to do that someday!! I love Target as well and can't wait for the weekend b/c I am headed there!! Hope you have a great week!! And happy house hunting to you!!

The Leester said...

I can't believe you're building your own house! Wow! That is so exciting! I am super jealous that you're already at that stage in life :). Maybe ten more years for us...I draw up house plans for fun already.

Lisa Monks said...

Hey Steph! Those pictures of Eva are so cute, she is such a big girl already! See you later.