Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

This morning the primary had an activity that we took the liberty of attending because of my calling as primary chorister. It was a pancake breakfast and an Easter egg hunt. I ate too much greasy sausage (gross) but we had a fun time talking with friends while sitting on the miniature plastic chairs. Eva found one egg, and she was very proud of herself.

She shook it but never seemed interested in opening it.

On a separate note, one year ago today (3 hours from now) I went into the hospital to begin the process of induction. How crappy I felt then, and how happy I was to finally be on the verge of giving birth. And how happy I am now to be a year past that horrible time! Unbelievable that here I sit, pregnant again. I know most people think I'm crazy. And maybe I am, a little. :) But I am happy to report that I weigh about 50 lbs. less than this day last year, I can still wear my wedding ring and all my shoes, and I don't feel like a cow. Yet. So I'm feeling pretty dang good.


Camille and Jay said...

Happy Easter, it was fun playing games and bowling with ya all, you guys are great!! Well have fun being gone for a month, enjoy your family:)

Melissa Andreasen said...

Eve is so darn cute! I will miss you guys, have fun with your family and making house plans!

Watts Family said...

We had a blast with you guys this weekend. Keep me posted while you are gone. Miss you already.

The Leester said...

Sounds like a fun Easter!