Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm in no rush

I have just decided that "I'm in no rush" is my motto for the day. Possibly longer. It should probably be something like "Clean your house, you filthy slob" or "Stop eating candy bars, you're getting fatter by the minute," I don't care. Today I am in no rush.

Yesterday was mostly spent outside with Eva. I think we went on 5 walks--some with her in the stroller and some with her walking. While she's in the stroller, she constantly points to everything she sees--mostly birds--and asks,"What's that?" (souding more like "Asat?") It's when she decides that she wants to walk that our little excursions take MUCH longer. See, she has entered that phase of exploration, where every single blade of grass, piece of bark, and dried up leaf is the most fascinating thing she has ever seen. She'll pick up something (for example, an acorn), look at it, then continue walking. About 10 steps later, she stops walking, bends over in this really funny way, and sets it on the ground. She remains bent over though, and picks it right back up.
She may pick it up and set it down 3 or 4 times before she stands back up with it in her hand and keeps on walking. At least, for another 10 steps or so. At this rate, it takes us an inordinate amount of time to get down the street and back. And at some points, my instinct is to say, "Come on Eva, let's keep walking."

But really--I'M IN NO RUSH. I have nowhere to be, nothing pressing to do (the mold will not be any less in the bathroom when I get back from the walk, at which point I still probably won't clean it), nothing more important to do than watch my little girl explore the wonderful outdoors. I'm so happy it's good weather and we can walk all day long with a stroller full of snacks and water. And if she wants to, we can pick up every leaf in the neighborhood. Because I'm in no rush.


Watts Family said...

I feel the same way today. The weather has just been to beautiful to worry about anything.

Lindser Binzer said...

I'm awfully jealous! We got another few inches of snow today and I'm seriously about to freak out. I was so happy when it got up to 35 degrees the other day that Tyler and I went on a walk too. But it wasn't very fun because not even half of the sidewalks are melted, which makes pushing a stroller on ice/snow/slush much more difficult than it should be. I'm moving tomorrow. Eva gets more and more beautiful every time I see her (or a picture of her). I wonder when the next time I get to see her will be. By the way, you should write children's books and "get a piece of that financial pie" haha.

Melissa Andreasen said...

Stephanie, I have to thank you for your post. That is a motto I need to exercise more often. Today we too went for a walk and I kept saying to Kiera, "keep coming"! She finds it so fun to stand on “ALL” the sewer and drain covers and pick up every leaf. But it is true, what's the rush? So thank you again for reminding me to take time and explore the world with Kiera.
P.S. See you tomorrow and "girls night"!

Anne Lee said...

Beautiful. Everything about you is!!

I LOVE that last picture, it's absolutely gorgeous!

But the other motto's of the day really made me laugh! i just have to remember: will my child remember me more for being skinny, or for being there for him ALWAYS??

Lisa Monks said...

Steph, I love your motto for the day. Remember those four words when your little boy comes along, okay? I know you will! Makes life so much more enjoyable. Have a good week!

Kara Camille said...

I love this post. And it is something I need to work on a litte more, or a lot more. I love the idea of just walking/exploring all day--of course, with the snacks and water! love ya girl!

The Leester said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful baby and mommy!