Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remember me that way

Today I went into the depths of depression. As I loaded the new pictures from my camera onto the computer, I thought, "Wow, my face looks fat." Not just like I've put on a few pounds from pregnancy, but swollen and gross. Have I really changed that much? Do I really look like that? So I went back and looked at old pictures. BIG MISTAKE.

Look how cute I used to be! No swollen nose with fat rolls for nostrils, no giant ankles or sausage feet. That is my real face, the one I have forgotten. I knew I used to be able to open my eyes wider. And there's proof.

I really hate the last 10 weeks of being pregnant. I know I should think about the miracle of life and all, and that's all fine and good for some people. Good for them. But the only miracle I can think of right now is that I'm still able to put lotion on my legs without passing out. September can't come soon enough.


Lisa said...

Steph, you are always cute. I am not just saying that- it is the truth.

I remember almost dying of shame when I saw a sideways picture of me pregnant with Clayton- I swear my behind and my belly were in two different time zones. This too shall pass.

Brittani said...

I feel your pain sister, swollen nose and all. Thank goodness I do not ahve to go tehre again!